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Mini-Index of Contents

May 2008 May's speaker is Dave Campbell lecturing on Horary Without the Horror and Asteroids; Last Month at the ASA... a written recap of Ken Miller; Article: May News Notes by Brenda Black
April 2008 April's speaker is Ken Miller lecturing on Pluto's Weird History: Dumb Luck, Dumb Note, Dumbbell - An Astrological Rags to Riches Story!, and Remediating Planetary Afflictions; Last Month at the ASA... a written recap of Paul Reeder; Article: News Notes by Brenda Black
March 2008 March's speaker is Paul Reeder lecturing on Astrology for Folks Who Think, Astrology and the Spiritual Pay, and Astrology and the Yoga of Intimacy: Compatibility and Commitment; Last Month at the ASA... a written recap of Donna Stellhorn; Article: The Prenatal Eclipse by Brenda Black
February 2008 February's speaker is Donna Stellhorn lecturing on Chinese Astrology and the Year of the Rat 2008, and Feng Shui: Creating Comfort and Harmony in Your Life; Last Month at the ASA... a written recap of Philip Sedgwick; Articles: 2008 - The Year of the Rat by Brenda Black; February's Eclipses by Brenda Black; The Synodic or Moon's Nodal Cycle and Real Estate by Kathe Smith
January 2008 January's speaker is Philip Sedgwick lecturing on Can We Be Cosmic with Jupiter in Capricorn, and That Damnable Eris and Our New Solar System; Articles: The Part of Fortune and the Part of Spirit by Virginia Reyer; The Nodal Axis by Jeffrey Wolf Green (reprinted from The Arizona Astrologer, March 1993)
December 2007 December's Solstice Party, featuring Food, Mini-Readings, Fun, Door Prizes and Lots of New and Used Books; Last Month at the ASA... a written recap of the Second Annual Astrological Sampler
November 2007 November's format is the Second Annual Astrological Sampler, featuring Marta Morris speaking on Saturn in Virgo; Douglas Noblehorse speaking on The Thema Mundi, and Terry Warnecke speaking on The Rulership Conundrum; Last Month at the ASA... a written recap of Don McBroom
October 2007 October's speaker is Don McBroom lecturing on Simplified Midpoint Interpretation: What Midpoints Are and What They Can Tell Us - and Practical Midpoint Applications: Situations When Midpoints Are Particularly Useful; Last Month at the ASA... a written recap of Ken Johnson; Letter from the President... Mercury Retrograde Special
September 2007 September's speaker is Ken Johnson lecturing on Chasing the Dragon: The Moon's Nodes in Hindu Astrology and The Dragon In Your Chart; Last Month at the ASA... a written recap of Amanda Owens; Article: The Karmic Ascendant by Virginia Reyer
August 2007 August's speaker is Amanda Owens lecturing on The Traveling Landscape: How Major Transiting Planetary Patterns Meet the Individual and Neptune: The Key to Attraction; Last Month at the ASA... a written recap of Noel Tyl; Article: August News Notes by Brenda Black
July 2007 July's speaker is Noel Tyl lecturing on The 15 Indispensable Keys to Analysis; Last Month at the ASA... a written recap of Ken Hopkins
June 2007 June's speaker is Ken Hopkins lecturing on The Amazing World of Declinations & Predicting With Declinations; Last Month at the ASA... a written recap of Arch Crawford; Capricornus: Heaven's Gate, or the Portal of Spirits by Diana K. Rosenberg
May 2007 May's speaker is Arch Crawford lecturing on Market Astrology; Last Month at the ASA... a written recap of Daniel Giamario; Book review of The Fated Sky, author Benson Bobrick by Douglas Noblehorse;The Moon's Nodes and Spiritual Evolution by Brenda Black
April 2007 April's speaker is Daniel Giamario presenting a lecture on the Lunar Standstill and a seminar on Shamanic Astrology; Last Month at the ASA... a written recap of Marcia Starck; convention reviews by Charlotte Benson and Douglas Noblehorse;The Septile Aspect by Virginia Reyer
March 2007 March's speaker is Marcia Starck presenting a lecture on Hands-On Medical Astrology and a seminar on How to Handle Your Transits; Bonnie Wilson, In Memoriam; Last Month at the ASA... a written recap of Michael Lutin; 2007 - The Year of the Boar by Brenda Black
February 2007 February's speaker is Michael Lutin presenting a lecture on the Capricorn Conspiracy and a seminar on SunShines, the Astrology of Being Happy; Last Month at the ASA... a written recap of Arielle Guttman and Mythic Astrlogy; two articles: the conclusion to "Chiron to Natal Aspects" by Virginia Reyer, and The Saturn-Neptune Opposition by Brenda Black; and a New Age Lunar Calendar
January 2007 January's speaker is Arielle Guttman presenting a lecture and seminar on Mythic Astrology; two articles, "Chiron to Natal Aspects" by Virginia Reyer and "Project Hindsight's Conclave 2006" by Doug Noblehorse
December 2006 December brings the Annual Solstice Party; new article, "Donald Harold Rumsfeld" by Virginia Reyer; writeup on the Astrological Sampler - including Charlotte Benson (The Economy in 2007), Ken Hopkins (Astrology and the World of Sports), Douglas Noblehorse (The Best of Astrology on the Internet), and Terry Warnecke (The Astrological Pluto - Still A Planet?)
November 2006 November's speakers include Charlotte Benson/The Economy in 2007, Ken Hopkins/Astrology and the World of Sports, Doug Noblehorse/The 2007 Best of Astrology on the Internet, and Terry Warneke/The Astrological Pluto - Still A Planet?; membership dues increase; Maynard calendars; new article, "The Nodes of the Moon" by Brenda Black; writeup on Dietrech Pessin, plus explanatory note on Secondary Progressions with Q2 Rate
October 2006 October's speaker is Dietrech Pessin on The Lunar Gestation Cycle and Moon Families, and A Moon Family's Next Generation; two new articles, "The Inconjunct or Quincunx" and "More Aphorisms From Al" by Virginia Reyer; writeup on Robert Blaschke
September 2006 September's speaker is Robert Blaschke on Holographic Transits and Solar Returns; Election results and Board changes; a new article, "The Equatorial Ascendant" by Virginia Reyer; writeup on Phil Sedgwick
August 2006 August's speaker is Phil Sedgwick on Pluto and the Galactic Center, plus the newly discovered planets/planetoids; Election ballot counting; a new article, "Sun Through the Houses in the Solar Return" by Brenda Black; news on the new Senior Center facilities; writeup on Gahl Sasson
July 2006 July's speaker is Gahl Sasson on Kabbalistic Astrology; Election News; Candidates' statements; news on the MOVE; writeup on Debbie Noah; USA Solar Return
June 2006 Debbie Noah will discuss Astrology and Homeopathy; directions to the new Senior Center; writeup on Robert Corre's presentations
May 2006 Robert Corre will discuss Morin's system of interpretation and forecasting; call for candidates; writeup on Joni Patry's presentations
April 2006 Joni Patry will lead us deeper into the Vedic system; elections are coming up; call for candidates; two study groups; writeup on Joanne Wickenburg
March 2006 Joanne Wickenburg will discuss Living with Transits and the Solar Return Chart.  Writeup on Moses Siregar III; article on Solstice Points
February 2006 Introducing Moses Siregar III, our speaker. Senior Center is moving in late spring; writeup on Astrology & the Feminine; interesting websites
January 2006 From now on, all dues with be due in January. Introducing January's speaker: Maria K. Simms. Writeup on Holiday Party.
December 2005 Introducing the Holiday Party, with speaker Philip Sedgwick. Also President's Letter and announcement of East Valley discussion group
November 2005 Intro.  to Martin Davis's workshop; writeup on Joni Patry;  part 2 of Don Cerow's "Astrology and the Bible"; excerpt from Virginia Reyer's article on Retrogrades
October 2005 Intro. to Joni Patry; Don Cerow - Friday night and Sat., part 1; The Importance of Determining Sect
September 2005 Intro. to Don Cerow; Channel 3 Wants You; synopsis of Anne Vick on Solunars and Marta Morris on Saturn in Leo; Hellenistic Astrology
August 2005 Intro. to Anne Vick and Marta Morris; President's Letter; writeup on Kris Brandt Riske's presentations in July; Laura Bush Finds Her Inner Goddess
July 2005 Intro. to Kris Brandt Riske; writeup on declinations; how to generate a lifespan declination graph using Solar Fire; some interesting websites
June 2005 Intro. to Leigh Westin: Dynamics of Declination; write-up of Robert Corre's Friday and Saturday presentations
May 2005 Intro. to Robert Corre; Part 1 of Joanne Wickenburg's Friday lecture
April 2005 Intro. to Joanne Wickenburg; Sally McDonald on the Moon & the Venus transit; Blaschke's eclipse workshop; the Org. for Profess. Astrology; list of ASA astrologers....10 pp., 119 kb.
March 2005 Intro to Sally McDonald; President's Letter; Robert Blaschke's Friday lecture; Brenda Black's Sun Sign Predictions, Libra-Pisces
February 2005 Robert Blaschke intro; Nelda Tanner and the 2005 Ingress Chart; Brenda Black's Sun Sign Predictions Aries-Virgo; the "Dirty Dozen"; astrological birth control
January 2005 January speakers: Nelda Tanner and Brenda Black; part 2 of Rick Levine's Saturday workshop; astrology of the Dec. 26, 2004 tsunami; more astro data
December 2004 Holiday Party, writeups on Rick Levine
November 2004 Intro. to Rick Levine, news from Tucson Astrology Guild; summary of Georgia Stathis' presentations; a member's research findings
October 2004 Intro. to Georgia Stathis, Letter from our new president, writeup on Dave Campbell, directions and map to site of November meeting
September 2004 Intro. to Dave Campbell; July Collins' Rectification handouts; Karmic Facets & Karmic Degrees; Al Morrison aphorisms on asteroids; grand quintiles - Issue unavailable
August 2004 Summary of Robert Corre's techniques, Education on the transfer of power to Iraq's Governing Council; Virginia Reyer on Trapped Configurations
July 2004 Introducing Robert Corre: Morin de Villefranche's Theory of Determinations; synopsis of AnaCarol Roland's Feng Shui and Astrology connection; Marta Morris on the U.S. Solar Return; July Collins gives us more data in her "Short & Sweet" column
June 2004 AnaCarol Roland preview; Bylaws revision; Board nominees; Tucson Astrologer's Guild fundraiser; writeups for Amanda Owen; Education
May 2004 Intro. to Amanda Owen; summary of Cathy Zornes' presentations; AstroClues - Astrology in the Lindisfarne Gospels; Astrology 101
April 2004 Intro. to Cathy Zornes; Robert Blaschke summary; Astrology 101 continued; Part II of Judy Collins' 2004 predictions in details
March 2004 Robert Blaschke intro; Philip Comi summary; Judy Collins begins a new educational series: Astrology 101; Part I of her 2004 predictions in detail
February 2004 Intro. to Philip Comi on Relationships; Highlights of 2004 predictions; South Node conjunctions to planets; Spotlight on our Member-at-Large; Transpluto
January 2004 Introduction to Judy Collins' Predictions; President's Letter; Part 2 of Difficult Planetary Aspects, Astrological Miscellany
Carolyn Ford & the  Human Design System; Michael Jackson, Declinations; Judy Collins' "Short & Sweet" data column; Difficult Planetary Aspects
Intro. to Carolyn Ford; Synopsis of Frawley's Real Astrology; articles on Pope John Paul II and the white tiger attack on Roy Horn
October 2003 Intro. to John Frawley and The Real Astrology; Which Chart is Correct for ASA: the Incorporation or the First Public Meeting--2 articles; Review of Carol Rushman's The Art of Predictive Astrology: Forecasting Your Life Events
ASA election results; intro. to Judy Collins and Karmic Astrology; Friday's panel on predictive astrology and Saturday presentation on Saturn Age Arcs; the Northeast
August 2003 Intro to Friday night panel on prediction; Sat. workshop by Anne Vick on Saturn Age Arcs; explanation of Marta Morris' technique for interpreting solar returns; notes from Eileen Nauman's Friday and Saturday presentations.
July 2003 Intro to Eileen Nauman and her work in medical astrology; Love, Money & Murder - The
Laci Peterson case; Marta Morris' presentation on Saturn in Cancer
June 2003 Bio of Marta Morris and introduction to her lecture and workshop; writeups on Dr. Gibson's presentations to ASA
May 2003 Bio of Dr. Mitchell Gibson, speaker on Astrology and Mental Illness; Bonnie Wilson's discussion of the Nodes and her workshop on William Lilly and Evangeline Adams. Joint symposium presented by ASA and NorthStar College

April 2003
Bonnie Wilson's upcoming lecture and workshop; ASA and NorthStar University to pool resources; writeup on Amanda Owen's Pluto and Neptune lectures; her tele-lecture on Mercury Rx.
March 2003 Preview of Amanda Owen and Roger Green; President's letter announcing time change for meetings and outreach activities; highlights from Dietrech Pessin's presentations
February 2003 Preview of Dietrech Pessin; study group for AFA exam; Blaschke article on Space Shuttle Columbia; Judy Collins' take on world events;  Philip Comi on predictions for 2003 and his workshop on relationships
January 2003 Philip Comi will do the 2003 predictions and a Sat. workshop on relationships; article by Amanda Owen on Mercury Retrograde; Mercurial Insights, by Kathy Lowe; and Brenda Black's 2003 predictions for the signs
December 2002 Charlotte Zeek Benson, speaker at Christmas Party; Judy Collins' analysis of the Washington Snipers' charts; summary of Animal Astrology; article by Virginia Reyer on Vulcan
November 2002 Preview of Kay Cox, "The Pet Counselor," the Harmonic Concordance: fact or fiction? Overview of Robert Blaschke's presentations on Partners Who Activate Our Shadow and Transforming Loss to Gain

October 2002
Robert Blaschke preview; Phiip Comi looks at the upcoming decade; Philip also explains how to predict using progressions; review of Carol Rushman's new book on predictions; Venus Retrograde

September 2002
Preview of Philip Comi; Part 2 of the article from David Campbell Workshop on Forensic Astrology, continuing with more Asteroids; Article from Stephanie Clement on the Midheaven workshop and on Charting Spiritual Paths

August 2002
Stephanie Clement Preview; Part 2 of the Extensive article on David Pond's Spiritual Indicators workshop, continues with houses 6 through 12; Forensic Astrology Article from David Campbell workshop, includes Asteroids information.

July 2002
David Campbell Preview; Extensive article on David Pond Workshop on Spiritual Indicators in a chart, looking at soul, spirit, elements, and each of the houses and house cusps-Part 1 is this month.... 6 pgs, 23kb

June 2002
John Frawley Preview; 3 articles on Vulcan and Saros Cycles of Eclipses, stimulated by Bonnie Wilson's incredible lecture last month on Profection and Profected Charts.  Extensive notes of Bonnie on Profection and Soul Charts
May 2002 Bonnie Wilson Preview; excerpt from John Frawley's book, The Real Astrologer. notes from Philip Sedgwick's presentations on the Saturn-Pluto opposition and Business Astrology....  9 pgs., 429kb

April 2002

David Pond Preview; Book Reviews; Uranus; Notes from Susan Miller presentation on Eclipses and Mythology-Feb, 2002

March 2002

Philip Sedgwick Preview; Jan Spiller's New Article: "Is Astrology Practical?"; Judy Collins' Article: "Retrogrades-What They Show About Past Lives.

February 2002
Susan Miller Preview; Brief Notes from Judy Collins' 2002 Predictions (full archives of 2002 predictions at 2002 Predictions; Judy Collins' Article "Planets at the Degree of Nodes."

January 2002
Preview of Judy Collins' 2002 Predictions; Book Review; Notes from Daniel Giamario Shamanic Astrology Presentation and experiential workshop

Pertinent and timely Articles from the Newsletters for 2001 and earlier are available in the Articles Section of this site.



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