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  Charlotte BensonCharlotte Benson Professional Certificate AFA, Professional Certificate ISAR, Level III Certificate NCGR, Candidate Level I ACVA, and former Legal Chair, AFAN, is our current President and a charter member of ASA. She has practiced astrology in Arizona as a career since 1972. She is quite involved with promoting public awareness of the usefulness of authentic astrology, and is a popular lecturer, columnist and commentator. She has studied in France, Mexico, Japan and India, and is versed in both Western and Vedic astrological techniques. Visit her website here or email her at >cb@charlottebenson.com to learn more!

Brenda BlackBrenda Black is a Baby Boomer astrologer. This Generation, born in the 1940's - 1950's, is now reaching retirement age. In Astrology, they are referred to as the Pluto in Leo group. They are a generation of people who came into the world nurtured by Pluto in Cancer parents. Differing from their parents who have invested in real estate, life insurance and pension plans, the Pluto in Leo group have spent most of their lives spending their money on children, lovers, creativity and life's pleasures. Baby boomers are now faced with decisions and life changes in the following areas: housing, diet, transportation, medical expenses, health insurance, long-term care insurance, parents, children, grandchildren, finances and more. Most Baby Boomers will spend their retirement years in a different way than their parents did!

Kay CoxKay Cox is an animal behaviorist and pet psychologist. If you've ever wondered just what it is that your pet is trying to tell you, Kay can help. She's listened to and learned from all types of animals, and as a consequence, is often called as an expert witness in cases involving animals. She has a section on Pet Astrology, which can shed further light on why your pets behave as they do! Visit the Pet Counselor!

Ken HopkinsKen Hopkins, our current Vice-President, is also on the AFA faculty for 2006 and writes columns and articles for astrological publications. He has a love of sports and astrology. His website, Sports Astrologer.com is full of information for the football enthusiast. There is information based on mathematics and trends. Some of the weekly predictions for site members are based on astrological tendencies involving Mercury. Ken has found great success in using progressed declinations to predict winning teams. His article, Cubs Win! Cubs Win! appears in the June/July 2004 edition of the Mountain Astrologer. Who will win? Find the answers on Ken's website at Sports Astrologer.com

Terri McCartneyTerri McCartney, a former ASA officer, says she is..."accurately described as an ordinary person, living an ordinary life (though making effort to do so in an extraordinary way), I have professionally practiced astrology for fifteen years. I am a practically oriented psycho-spiritual astrologer who depends on the insights provided by both Vedic and Western astrology when calculating & reviewing charts." Terri calls her website Astrology Resources.

Debbie NoahDebbie is a registered homeopath with the State of Arizona and practices classical homeopathy. She is a graduate of the British Institute of Homeopathy and the Desert Institute School of Classical Homeopathy. She is a member of the National Center for Homeopathy, the North American Society of Homeopaths, Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medicine Association, Classical Homeopathy Practitioners Association and a founding member of the Phoenix Homeopathic Study Group. Her company name is Family Homeopathy, Inc.

Debbie is also a shamanic facilitator trained in traditional Native American shamanism. She will travel for you to return lost soul pieces due to trauma and other reasons. She does both internal and external extractions. She uses crystals to heal and clear the aura. Debbie was given the shamanic name, "Seeks With Heart," by her trainer. She specializes in YOU and recognizes the uniqueness of your spirit and what it needs.

My mission is to help heal the body, mind, spirit and soul of the individual; to assist in healing mother earth and to further the soul growth of the human race.

Debbie has been dabbling in Astrology since 1980 and has been a member of ASA since 1984, when she ventured out to Phoenix from Massachusetts. She uses medical astrology in her homeopathic practice to assist in helping her clients. Her astrological website is at Moonnodes Astrology.

Doug NoblehorseDoug Noblehorse has been studying astrology for almost 40 years, after a Reader's Digest article piqued his interest, providing him with a lifelong passion. Rooted in the psychological school of astrology, he counts Dane Rudhyar, Steven Arroyo and Betty Lundsted among his strongest initial influences. Currently, Doug is absorbing Hellenistic astrology, with an eye towards melding the old with the new (reflecting his natal 1st house Jupiter/Uranus conjunction). Doug is the current webmaster for ASA and has also written columns for astrological publications. His website, Quincunx Astrology, online since 1996, offers written interpretations, along with providing fundamental astrological information for the casual Web surfer. Also available are articles on different aspects of Astrology and recommended links to additional information on the Web.

Lauri RandallLauri Randall is a lifetime member of the ASA.  In Lauri's many years of membership she has served in many capacities on the ASA Board of Directors.  She is most remembered for her years as Programs Director and the many Astrology gurus and geniuses from around the world she introduced to the ASA as guest speakers.  Lauri moved to California but she still manages the ASA Meeting Notice by email list.  Send Lauri email at ECalypso@aol.com.  

Cece Stevens' website is called International Astrologers, and contains an abundance of astrological information - including calendars, articles, sidereal astrology, anatomy, asteroids, the Vertex, plus information links to Chinese Astrology, comets, planetariums, and UFOs, to name just a few. And this is just scratching the surface! Also, something you won't find just anywhere - Cece offers a blank astrological wheel that you can print and use for your own needs and purposes.  

Celeste TealCeleste Teal has been an astrologer since 1975. She says: "When I first opened a book on the subject of astrology, it was to prove to a friend that it was not a subject to be taken seriously. Instead, it proved to be a turning point for me and became my life's work." Celeste's latest book Eclipses was published in March of 2006. You can find Celeste on-line at Moon Valley Astrologer.

More member websites are being added even as you read. Please check back.

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The Arizona Society of Astrologers (ASA), the oldest and one of the largest statewide astrology organizations, was founded on September 7, 1973 to promote astrology through teaching, lecturing, research and practice in a professional and ethical manner.  The ASA has proudly hosted well-known and inspiring teachers and lecturers from around the world at regular monthly meetings.

ASA was incorporated on September 20, 1974 at 4:30 PM in Scottsdale, AZ.

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