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The ASA is a totally volunteer organization.  Thus, its leadership is invaluable.  The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Programs Director are elected bi-annually by written ballot of the entire membership. The ASA year begins in September and ends in August.

The ASA Board of Directors is comprised of the elected officers and appointed directors.

Appointed directors include Membership, Hospitality, Member at Large, Newsletter, Publicity and others as the President and Board find necessary to the success of the Arizona Society of Astrologers.

This term's (2014-2016) Elected Officers are:

Shruti ShyamaniPresident - Shruti Shyamani - president@azastrologers.org

Stephen Cox Vice President - Stephen Cox

Anita Petriello Secretary - Anita Petriello

Kathe Smith Treasurer - Kathe Smith

Debbie NoahProgram Director - Debbie Noah - programs@azastrologers.org

Directors appointed by the President and ratified by the Board of Directors are:

Peggy AspinwallBook Promotion & Sales - Peggy Aspinwall - dragonbornb52@gmail.com

Doug NoblehorseEducation & Webmaster - Douglas Noblehorse - asainfo@cox.net or webmaster@azastrologers.org

Doug has been studying astrology for 40 years, after a Reader's Digest article piqued his interest, providing him with a lifelong passion. Rooted in the psychological school of astrology, he counts Dane Rudhyar, Steven Arroyo and Betty Lundsted among his strongest initial influences. Currently, he is absorbing Hellenistic astrology, with an eye towards melding the old with the new (reflecting his natal 1st house Jupiter/Uranus conjunction). Visit him at his website - Hermes Half Hour.

TBAHospitality - Open

Stephen CoxLegal Advisor & Statutory Agent - Stephen Cox

Stephen L. Cox is an attorney and has been a member of the Arizona Society of Astrologers since 1976. He has always been interested in a mulitiude of topics and has enjoyed the speakers as well as the interaction with the members of ASA. He has helped with revisions of the ASA legal documents.

Anita PetrielloMember-at-Large - Anita Petriello

TBAMembership - Open

Debbie Noah Newsletter Editor - Debbie Noah - newsletter@azastrologers.org

TBAPublicity - Open

Lisa CarlinRecording Tape & Book Promotion - Lisa Carlin

Join Us!Study Group Coordinator - Open

Shruti ShyamaniTechnical Set-Up - Shruti Shyamani - technical@azastrologers.org


The Arizona Society of Astrologers (ASA), the oldest and one of the largest statewide astrology organizations, was founded on September 7, 1973 to promote astrology through teaching, lecturing, research and practice in a professional and ethical manner.  The ASA has proudly hosted well-known and inspiring teachers and lecturers from around the world at regular monthly meetings.

ASA was incorporated on September 20, 1974 at 4:30 PM in Scottsdale, AZ.

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