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Newsletter Articles By & From Speakers, Members, Astrologers

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Penny Bertucelli    The Uranian Approach  PDF Version
Brenda Black    2007 - The Year of the Boar  PDF Version
Brenda Black Forging the Diamond Soul - Saturn Cycles   PDF Version
Brenda Black   New! News Notes: August 2011  PDF Version
Brenda Black    The Nodes of the Moon  PDF Version
Brenda Black    The Saturn-Neptune Opposition  PDF Version
Brenda Black    Sun Through the Houses in the Solar Return  PDF Version
Brenda Black Venus Retrograde - Effects on Each Sign  PDF Version
Robert Blaschke Saturn-Pluto Opposition" and "Medical Astrology"
Robert Blaschke Sabian Aspect Orbs
Robert Blaschke The Chiron Transit Cycle
Don Cerow Astrology and the Bible
Don Cerow The Astrological Ages
Stephanie Clement Dispositors in Your Chart
Stephanie Clement Charting Your Career
Nancy Cohen Mom, Dad and the Kid: Family Dynamics in the Chart
Judy Collins    2008 Elections  PDF Version
Judy Collins Arabic Parts: Formulas and Interpretations
Judy Collins ASA's True Chart
Judy Collins Astrology 101: John Kerry's Chart as an Example
Judy Collins The China Trade Bill
Judy Collins The Coalition Transfers Sovreignty to Iraq's Governing Council
Judy Collins The Columbia Shuttle Disaster
Judy Collins Election Rules for Starting a Business
Judy Collins Election Rules for Surgery, Real Estate & Marriage
Judy Collins    Favorite Ideas to Remember When Doing Astrology  PDF Version
Judy Collins How to do Solar Arc Progressions in Your Chart
Judy Collins Is Greatness in Your Chart?  Charts of the Famous
Judy Collins Korea and Korea's Kim Jong Il - Someone to Watch Carefully
Judy Collins Love, Money and Murder: The Laci Peterson Story     Related Charts
Judy Collins Mundane House Meanings
Judy Collins Pope John Paul II Celebrates His 25th Anniversary
Judy Collins 2004 Predictions - Famous for accuracy
Judy Collins Retrogrades and You
Judy Collins The Rules for Eclipses
Judy Collins What Retrograde Planets in your Chart Show About Past Lives
Judy Collins What Planets at the Degree of the Nodes Mean
Judy Collins White Tiger Attacks Roy Horn
Judy Collins Unaspected Planets
Philip Comi The Drama of One on One: All about Relationships in your Chart
View Handouts
Philip Comi Oh What A Year It Will Be - 2003!    View Handout
Robert Corre On the Primacy of the Ascendant
Robert Corre On the Technique of J. B. Morin de Villefranche
Barry Cowger Family and Birth Order Karma
Barry Cowger Dreamwork: Astrology and Your Dreams
Laura DesJardins Power of the Nodes - Looking at Past, Present and Future Lives
Tina (Halpin) Eden    An Astrological Portrait of a Humanitarian Revolutionary: Thomas Paine   
PDF Version
Phyllis Firak-Mitz Mars-Inner & Outer Hero and Karmic Transits
Dennis Flaherty The Eastern Moon Through Western Eyes
Dennis Flaherty    The Moon, East and West  PDF Version
Dr. David Frawley    The Ayurvedic Medicine System  PDF Version
John Frawley The Real Astrology
Daniel Giamario    The Male Mysteries  PDF Version
Daniel Giamario    The Sacred Marriage  PDF Version
Daniel Giamario    Shadows of Venus and Mars  PDF Version
Daniel Giamario Shamanic Astrology - Experiential Galactic Exploration
Julia Gillentine Galactic Astrology - Tarot and the Stars
Jeffrey Wolf Green    The Nodal Axis   PDF Version
Arielle Guttman Astro*Carto*Graphy
Dr. Dennis Harness The Nakshatras: Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology
Dr. Dennis Harness The Twelfth House - Misery or Moksha?
Dr. Dennis Harness Intro to Vedic Astrology and Vedic Relationship Compatibility
James Jarvis Astrology of the New Millennium - The Y2001 Chart
Mohan Koparkar Prioritizing Your Planets & Predictive Techniques In Astrology
Sarah Laurent   ASA Panel 2008 Presidential Election Predicitons
Sarah Laurent The Lifespan Declination Graph
Michael Lutin    Beyond the Symbols to Life Itself  PDF Version
Chris McRae Twelfth House Treasure
Sally McDonald The Natal Chart, Prenatal Chart, and the Soul Chart in the Human Psyche
Michael Meyer Mercury Chart Placements & Your Mental Type
Marta Morris The Human Design System (write up of Carolyn Ford's presentation)
Marta Morris Pluto's Connection to Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius
Al Morrison    Al Morrison's Aphorisms   PDF Version
Eileen Naumann The Astrology of Writing to Sell - Writing 101
Eileen Naumann Charting a Successful Surgery
Douglas Noblehorse Bounds, Terms or Limits?  - Part 1
Douglas Noblehorse Bounds, Terms or Limits? - Part 2
Douglas Noblehorse Hellenistic Astrology
Douglas Noblehorse    The Importance of Determining Sect   PDF Version
Douglas Noblehorse    "My People Love Me!": The Standoff in Libya   PDF Version
Douglas Noblehorse    Planetary Rulerships: What Are They?   PDF Version
Douglas Noblehorse    Project Hindsight's Conclave 2006   PDF Version
Douglas Noblehorse The Thema Mundi    PDF Version
Dorothy Oja Patterns of Compatibility and Conflict
Joni Patry Eastern Astrology for the Western Astrologer
David Pond The Art of Relationships
David Pond On the Outer Planets
David Pond The Astrology of Revolution
David Pond Spiritual Indicators in the Horoscope
Virginia Reyer    Anton Szander LaVey, Satanist   PDF Version
Virginia Reyer Case Study: B. Cole, Liver Transplant   PDF Version
Virginia Reyer    Chiron to Natal Planets   PDF Version
Virginia Reyer Difficult Planetary Aspects
Virginia Reyer    Donald Harold Rumsfeld   PDF Version
Virginia Reyer    The Equatorial Ascendant   PDF Version
Virginia Reyer Hephaestus-Vulcan in Mythology
Virginia Reyer    The Inconjunct or Quincunx   PDF Version
Virginia Reyer    Kray Brothers - Partners in Crime  PDF Version
Virginia Reyer Michael Jackson
Virginia Reyer Retrograde Planets
Virginia Reyer    Saddam Hussein   PDF Version
Virginia Reyer This and That (Astrological Tidbits)
Virginia Reyer Trapped Configuration
Virginia Reyer    Trenton Duckett (Case History)   PDF Version
Virginia Reyer    Uranian Planets  PDF Version
Virginia Reyer The Vertex and Critical Events in Your Life
Virginia Reyer Vulcan - Astronomy and Astrology
Diana Rosenberg    Capricornus: Heaven's Gate, or the Portal of Spirits  PDF Version
Philip Sedgwick The Centaurs
Philip Sedgwick The Galactic Times: Compassion and Questions
Philip Sedgwick    Venus and Mars  PDF Version
Jan Spiller Is Astrology Practical?
Nelda Tanner Astro-Numerology
Nelda Tanner Inclination for Declination
Celeste Teal Forecasting Tips and the Eight Winds of Life
Angel Thompson The Astrology of Feng Shui
Bil Tierney    The Sign Within Each Sign  PDF Version
Noel Tyl Basic Patterns of Critical Illness in Medical Astrology
Anne Vick Saturn Age Arcs  
Terry Warneke The Chart of Jesus the Nazarene & Through the Solar System
Terry Warneke Why the September 20, 1973 ASA Chart is Considered Correct   PDF Version
Joanne Wickenburg Integration Through the Lunar Phases, Nodes, and Part of Fortune
Joanne Wickenburg Intercepts & Retrogrades: Your Hidden Powers
Bonnie Wilson William Lilly and Evangeline Adams: Two Great Astrologers
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We have assembled many of the Newsletter Articles some of which recap Speaker Presentations.  Every attempt possible has been made to represent the speaker's presentation accurately and completely, but as with any publication editorial license may have necessarily applied.  All articles reflect only the views of the speaker and or author and not the Arizona Society of Astrologers.

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The Arizona Society of Astrologers (ASA), the oldest and one of the largest statewide astrology organizations, was founded on September 7, 1973 to promote astrology through teaching, lecturing, research and practice in a professional and ethical manner.  The ASA has proudly hosted well-known and inspiring teachers and lecturers from around the world at regular monthly meetings.

ASA was incorporated on September 20, 1974 at 4:30 PM in Scottsdale, AZ.

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