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Speakers & Topics

Meeting Date

Speaker and Topic

Speaker Friday Topic Saturday Topic
January 2010
ASA Astrologers 10 X 10 for 2010 Prediction Workshop
February 2010
Laura DesJardins Cosmo-Biology and the 90 Degree Dial Cosmo-Biology and the 90 Degree Dial
March 2010
Ray Merriman Forecasts 2010 and USA Economy None
April 2010 Michael Lutin Wait! Don't Kill Yourself Yet!: The Astrology of 2010-2011 Saturn & Ecstasy
May 2010 Jim Shawvan Another Approach to Relationships: Arabic Parts in Synastry Multiple Simultaneous Transits and Progressions
June 2010 Eileen Nauman Cosmic Train Wreck Coming Summer of 2010 Introduction to the Uranian Planets
July 2010 Steven Mark Weiss Where In The World? Observations in Geographical Astrology Where In The World? Explorations in Geographical Astrology
August 2010 Gary Caton The Power of the Synodic Cycle of Mercury Goddess Astrology: Transformation via the Sacred Feminine
September 2010 Rebeca Eigen How Our Shadow Affects Our Relationships The Shadow Dance & the Astrological 7th House Workshop
October 2010 Kay Taylor Conscious Astrology: Healing Hard Aspects with Psychosynthesis Conscious Astrology: Healing Hard Aspects with Psychosynthesis
November 2010 Gahl Sasson Charting Your Name: How Your Given and Family Names Can be Decoded by Your Astrological Chart None
December 2010 None Solstice Party None
January 2009
Noel Tyl Keys to
Astrological Interpretation
The Magic of
Solar Arcs
February 2009
Robert Blaschke The Astrology of Relationships Karmic Astrology
March 2009
Lynn Koiner Medical Astrology -
General Patterns
Medical Astrology -
Specific Disease Patterns
April 2009 Moses Siregar III New Insights Into
Locational Astrology
New Insights Into
Locational Astrology
May 2009 Douglas Noblehorse Chart Rulers
From Hellenistic Astrology
Preliminary Natal Analysis
From Hellenistic Astrology
June 2009 Steve Weiss,
Doug Noblehorse &
Ken Hopkins
Panel on the Economy Hellenomics, Declinomics,
and the Reign of Neptune
July 2009 Courtney Roberts M.A. Jupiter, Saturn & the Persian Astrology of the Magi: A Detective Story Through Astrological History Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto: Revolutions in Consciousness
August 2009 Kay Cox Astrology & Tarot Astro-Tarot Workshop
September 2009 Ken Johnson The Prophetic History of the Maya The Daykeeper's Workshop
October 2009 Phillip Lindsay Esoteric Astrology and the Seven Rays Esoteric Astrology and the Seven Rays
November 2009 Donna Stellhorn Feng Shui and Astrology None
December 2009 None Solstice Party None
January 2008
Phil Sedgwick Can We Be Cosmic
with Jupiter in Capricorn?
That Damnable Eris
and Our New Solar System
February 2008
Donna Stellhorn Chinese Astrology and
the Year of the Rat 2008
Feng Shui:
Creating Comfort and
Harmony in Your Life
March 2008
Paul Reeder Astrology for
Folks Who Think
Astrology and the Spiritual Path

Astrology and the
Yoga of Intimacy:
Compatibility and Commitment
April 2008 Kenneth D. Miller Pluto's Weird History:
Dumb Luck, Dumb Note,
Dumbbell - An Astrological
Rags to Riches Story!
Planetary Afflictions
May 2008 Dave Campbell Horary Without the Horror Asteroids
June 2008 Steve Weiss Pluto & Generational
Value Formation/
Building Bridges to Business
Signs of Success:
Great Business Leaders &
Their Great Business Triumphs
July 2008 Kay Cox &
Arlene Hougland
Moon Phase Magick Moon Phase Magick -
Hands On Workshop
August 2008 Dennis Flaherty Saturn: Slowing Down the
Fast Burn in the Fast Times
Saturn: Lord of Truth
and Consequences
September 2008 Terry Warnecke The Last Lecture:
A Celebration of Astrology
The Only Way to
Delineate Astrology Charts
October 2008 Marta Morris,
Charlotte Benson,
Doug Noblehorse &
Ken Hopkins
Panel on the US Elections Election Prediction Conclusions
November 2008 Gahl Sasson Using Astrology and Kabbalah
to Design Your Reality
Astrology and the
Kabbalistic Tree of Life
December 2008 None Solstice Party None
January 2007
Arielle Guttman Mythic Astrology Mythic Astrology Applied
February 2007
Michael Lutin The Capricorn Conspiracy SunShines:
The Astrology of Being Happy
March 2007
Marcia Starck Hands On Medical Astrology How to Handle Your Transits
April 2007 Daniel Giamario The Lunar Standstill and the Implications of an Out of Bounds Moon Recent Developments in the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm
May 2007 Arch Crawford Market Astrology More Market Astrology
June 2007 Ken Hopkins The Amazing World of Declinations! Predicting With Declinations
July 2007 Noel Tyl Fifteen Indispensable
Keys to Analysis -
The Practical Orientation
and the First Four Keys!
Eleven More Keys
and How They Work
Together Dynamically
August 2007 Amanda Owen The Traveling Landscape:
How Major Transiting
Planetary Patterns
Meet the Individual
The Key to Attraction
September 2007 Ken Johnson Chasing the Dragon:
The Moon's Nodes
in Hindu Astrology
Chasing the Dragon:
The Moon's Nodes
in Hindu Astrology
October 2007 Don McBroom Simplified Midpoint Interpretation:
What Midpoints Are
and What They Can Tell Us
Practical Midpoint Applications:
Situations When Midpoints
Are Particularly Useful
November 2007 Marta Morris,
Doug Noblehorse &
Terry Warnecke
Saturn in Virgo
The Thema Mundi
The Rulership Conundrum
December 2007 None Solstice Party None
January 2006
Maria K. Simms Art, Astrology, and the Sacred Feminine Moon Tides, Soul Passages
February 2006
Moses Siregar III Transformational Transits Advanced Transit Studies
March 2006
Joanne Wickenburg Living with Transits The Solar Return Chart
April 2006 Joni Patry World Predictions for 2006 Introduction to Vedic Astrology
May 2006 Robert Corre On the Fundamentals of Horoscope Interpretation On Transits - A Traditional Approach to Forecasting the Events of Life
June 2006 Debbie Noah Astrology & Homeopathy Getting Through Difficult Transits
July 2006 Gahl Sasson Introduction to Kabbalistic Astrology Kabbalistic Astrology
August 2006 Philip Sedgwick Pluto Gets the Core We Don't Want No New Planets!
September 2006 Robert Blaschke Holographic Transits Solar Returns
October 2006 Dietrech Pessin The Lunar Gestation Cycle A Moon Family's Next Generation
November 2006 Charlotte Benson
Ken Hopkins
Doug Noblehorse
Terry Warnecke
The Economy in 2007
Astrology and the World of Sports
The Best of Astrology on the Internet
The Astrological Pluto - Still A Planet?
No Saturday Workshop
December 2006 None Solstice Party None
January 2005
Nelda Tanner
Brenda Black
World Predictions for 2005-Nelda Tanner Sun Sign Predictions for 2005-Brenda Black
February 2005
Robert P. Blaschke The American Male Psyche and the USA Progressed Stationary Mars Eclipse Workshop
March 2005
Sally McDonald And the Wheel Goes 'Round Venus and the Next 8 Years
April 2005
Joanne Wickenburg Intercepts & Retrogrades Integration Through the Lunar Phases, Nodes, and Part of Fortune
May 2005 Robert Corre On the Primacy of the Ascendant On Morin's Theory of Determinations
June 2005 Leigh Westin Crash Course in Basic Declination Basic Application of the Life Map
July 2005 Kris Brandt Riske Predictive Astrology Astrometerology
August 2005 Anne Vick
Marta Morris
Solunars - Anne Vick Saturn in Leo - Marta Morris
September 2005 Don Cerow The Astrological Ages The Bible: The Old Testament and Revelation
October 2005 Joni Patry Vedic Philosophy and Astronomy Basic Vedic Concepts
November 2005 Martin Davis No Friday lecture Astrolocality Astrology
December 2005 None Holiday Party None
January 2004
Judy Collins Predictions for 2004 Karma - Present and Future
February 2004
Philip Comi Synastry in Astrology
Links that click, links that sink
Relationship Charting including Composites and Aspecting Grids
March 2004
Robert Blaschke
The End of an American Era
US moves to Piscean Age
Jupiter and Saturn in the birth chart
April 2004
Cathy Zornes
Your Astrological Story-your soul's journey from your personal chart Astrology of Creative People and Professions
May 2004
Amanda Owen
Inner Space, Outer Time: Prediction and the Planetary Degrees Karma and the Water Houses
June 2004
Ana Carol Roland Sacred Circles: Astrology Wheels, Medicine Wheels, and Fung Shui Your Chart, Your Home, Your Life Using Feng Shui and astrology
July 2004
Robert Corre
Workshop: On Morin de Villefranche's Theory of Determinations
August 2004
Judy Collins
Karma - Future Lives - Potential Future Life Patterns Rectification: Calculating your accurate birth time
September 2004
Dave Campbell
Forensic Astrology
Finding the missing, suicides, murder, suspects, crimes
Asteroids in Relationships, Sexuality, Psychic abilities, and Health
October 2004
Georgia Stathis
Chiron: The Hybrid Planet Helping Your Client with Vocational Choices and Life Transitions
November 2004
Rick Levine
Quantum Astrology: Explorations into the Physics of Metaphysics 10 Steps to Better Chart Readings
December 2004
All Welcome - Celebrate the season - Christmas Party
January 2003
Philip Comi
Predictions for 2003 Relationship Astrology
February 2003
Dietrech Pessin
Lunar Shadows: Timing Eclipses Study of Solar Returns
March 2003
Amanda Owen & Roger Green Pluto (Amanda Owen) & 
Chinese Astrology (Roger Green)
Neptune (Amanda Owen) &
Feng Shui Astrology (Roger Green)
April 2003
Bonnie Wilson
The Moon's Nodes: Where We Have Been & Where We Are Going William Lilly & Evangeline Adams: Two Great Astrologers
May 2003
Dr. Mitchell Gibson Intro. to Modern Astrology Astrology & Human Behavior
June 2003
Marta Morris

Saturn in Cancer

Solar Returns
July 2003
Eileen Nauman

How to Pick A Successful Surgery Date

Learning to Look at the Natal Chart Through Medical Eyes"
August 2003
Anne Vick
Predictive Techniques Saturn Age Arc Through the Houses
September 2003
Judy Collins
Karmic Astrology Karmic Astrology Workshop
October 2003
John Frawley
The Real Astrology The Real Astrology Workshop
November 2003
Carolyn Ford
The Human Design System What Type are You?
December 2003
All Welcome - Celebrate the season - Christmas Party
January 2002
Judy Collins
Predictions for 2002 Karmic Astrology
February 2002
Susan Miller
Eclipses Astrology and Mythology
March 2002
Philip Sedgwick
 A Galactic Perspective on Current Events Business Astrology
April 2002
David Pond
Astrology of Revolution Spiritual Indications in the Birthchart
May 2002
Bonnie Wilson
Exploring the Robert Zoller's work on Profection Your Soul Chart
June 2002
John Frawley
Astrology and Love Dignities and Receptions
July 2002
David Campbell
Forensic Astrology Working with the Asteroids
August 2002
Stephanie Clement The Midheaven in your Chart Charting Your Spiritual Path
September 2002
Philip Comi
ASA Solar Chart and 2003 Preview Progressions & Solar Arcs
October 2002
Robert Blaschke
Partners Who Activate Our Shadow Transforming Loss To Gain
November 2002
Kay Cox
Animal Astrology Pets Are People, Too!
December 2002
Christmas Party
January 2001
Judy Collins
Predictions 2001 Rules for Electional Astrology
February 2001
Judy Collins
Astrology of Famous Persons Finding your Soul's Purpose in your chart
March 2001
Stephanie Clement
Dispositors Charting Your Career
April 2001
Dennis Harness
Eastern and Western Approaches
Vedic Astrology
Vedic Astrology and Relationship Compatibility
May 2001
Arielle Guttman
Astrocartography Astro Mapping Techniques
June 2001
Bonnie Wilson
Introduction to Horary Astrology Horary Astrology: Astrology of the Ancients
July 2001
Nancy Cohen
Astrology & Family Patterns Healing Family Patterns
August 2001
Terry Warneke
Astrology Chart of Jesus 
the Nazarene
Astronomy and the Planets
September 2001
Robert Blaschke
Beauty and the Beast - 
the Saturn Pluto Opposition
Medical Astrology
October 2001
Phyllis Firak-Mitz
Mars, Destiny, and Fulfillment Decision & Destiny
November 2001
Daniel Giamario
Synodic Cycles of Mercury from a Mytho-Shamanistic Perspective A shamanic look at the night sky            
December 2001
Christmas Party
June 2000
David Pond
Outer Planets Relationships
July 2000
Nelda Tanner
Declinations Numerology
August 2000
Barry Cowger
Family & Birth Order Karma Dreams & Astrology
September 2000
Sally McDonald
Moon in Aquarius Human Psyche - Draconic Chart
October 2000
Robert Blaschke
Sabian Aspect Orbs Chiron-The Spiritual Messenger
November 2000  
Phillip Sedgwick
Centaurs Asbolus and Chariklo No Saturday Meetings in November
December 2000
Christmas Party



The Arizona Society of Astrologers (ASA), the oldest and one of the largest statewide astrology organizations, was founded on September 7, 1973 to promote astrology through teaching, lecturing, research and practice in a professional and ethical manner.  The ASA has proudly hosted well-known and inspiring teachers and lecturers from around the world at regular monthly meetings.

ASA was incorporated on September 20, 1974 at 4:30 PM in Scottsdale, AZ.

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