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Education Topic - February, 2003 - Judy Collins
The Columbia Shuttle Disaster

Columbia Shuttle Disaster

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Columbia 1st Flight on April 12, 1981.
Natal Chart of Columbia shuttle... active in event
Notes on Mundane Horary correlations with planets:
Sun (Pilot) is in 12th; MC is destination; Shuttle is 1st house; Moon (function) is in 4th house; IC is Departure; 6th House is the Crew; 7th House is the Route (Uranus in 7th); Saturn (armor, skeleton, loss, limits) is in the 6th.
Mercury is at the degree of Nodes (don't want Mercury afflicted when you start a venture)
Mars is in rulership in the 12th (not a good position)
Sun, Saturn, Uranus are in exaltation
Venus is in Detriment

ColumbiaNatal.jpg (46090 bytes) Columbia Launch on January 16, 2003 at 10:39 am
Sun (Pilot) is at Critical Degree = error
Ascendant and ALL angles at 29 Degrees = not good
Function (Moon) is trine Mars at 29 Degrees Scorpio (Mars at afflicted degree)
Jupiter (expansion) is at Lords of Karma critical degree
80 seconds after departure Mars ruled the chart
7 seconds after flight took off, 4 angles went to 00 degrees Cardinal
Part of Fortune is repeating degree of Nodes in the 6th (Crew) = Misfortune
ColumbiaSolArc.jpg (39885 bytes) Columbia Solar Arc Progressions at time of Flight take off this year on January 16, 2003 at 10:39 am
Uranus natal at 29 degrees and Progressed Nodes at 29 degrees
Venus at Critical degree 15 Taurus

Judy's Note:  She believes that the beginning of the breakup occurred at 8:52 AM when 10 Taurus became the 4th House cusp.