Uranian Planets

by Virginia Reyer

Aries point: Contact with public events, the world at large, being brought to public attention. Refers to 0º of all cardinal points, particularly Aries.

Admetus: Facing blockages; biding your time; encountering delays, frustrations, complications, or the need for something else to happen before success or progress; dealing with raw materials; having cramps or other indications that reveal a tightening to endure/persevere/hang in there. Aversion, inventory, slowdown, shunning; literal and behavioral “color”; derives endurance from Taurus mingled with the weightiness of Saturn. The brick wall, steadfast and immovable.

Apollon: multiple interests and developments; many irons in the fire; more than one; combining; career opportunities; travel or study associates; long distance/cosmopolitan connections. Many simultaneous demands or developments; interactions. Apollon is the master musician, the god of light and truth, who had eternal youth and beauty through his great strength and mental illumination. Expansion and spreading. Science, commerce. Trade, industry, peaceful efforts.

Cupido: sense of family/unit; the family history; inter-family relationships, dynamics, and feelings; residence issues (the home, feelings of togetherness), urge to unite; interaction with artisans or craftsmen; artistic sense, vanity, concern about appearances; interests in beauty and art; relationship concerns; attraction, comments on the home; household themes, décor, artistry, family matters; sense of art.

Hades: disgust/distaste, debilitation or deterioration, interest in the past (including past lives). Handling highly detailed work, chores, or drudgery; “messy” situations, depressing emotions; research, investigation into the root causes of problems; germs, garbage pail, toxins; shame, embarrassment, degradation, behind one’s back; chronic or long-term difficulty; learning discrimination the hard way. All that is unpleasant and useless.

Kronos: authoritative positions, questioning of competency, having differences of opinion, dealing with “red tape,” laws, police, legislators, executives, government leaders; measurements (esp. of height); representing laws and rules as well as the people who administer them. If the authority gets out of hand, it becomes domineering and dictatorial. It indicates an independent attitude which can gain respect or make one feel or appear to be haughty. Undisputed expert. Superiority.

Zeus: restrained or creative fire/energy; enthusiasm; controlled and directed forces (thus both planning one’s activities and controlling strong emotions), guns, power tools, machines, motors, fireplaces, fuels; need for organization and ranked priorities; volatility, inflammation; awareness of the military; learning to focus energy; effort and attention; ignition; triggering of strong emotions, heat. Anger. Creativity, leadership, drive.

Volcanus: surge of power/strength; feeling forced to associate; compulsion; awareness of invisible power and the power of influence; periods of burnout alternate with a whatever-it-takes attitude; charisma and a sensed aura, while not tangible is nevertheless strong; the subtle energies; to compel or feel compelled. Intensity, strength.

Poseidon: uplifting people/ideas; psychic vibrations; persuasion; intellectual or spiritual influences; ideological or moral stances; interest in business practices/ethics; inspiration, religion, mediums, clarity, enlightenment, receptivity to “the force.” Metaphysics, psychic vibrations; new ideas and the spreading of knowledge. Poseidon is the bridge to higher consciousness, revelation, and understanding. Inspirational ideas, highly ethereal. Spirituality, wisdom, and culture.