Donald Harold Rumsfeld

By Virginia Reyer

Donald Harold Rumsfeld was born in Chicago, Illinois, on July 9, 1932 at 5:40 pm, according to his birth certificate. Prior to July 1, 1959, Illinois and Pennsylvania had a law that births and deaths be recorded in Standard time. From 2 AM on the last Sunday in April to 2 AM on the last Sunday in October, all births were recorded one hour in advance of Standard time by order of the Department of Public Health in Springfield, Illinois. I worked in hospitals in the 1950s in Chicago and had three sons, all born on Standard time, so I was familiar with this law.

Rumsfeld was born to George Donald Rumsfeld, a real-estate salesman, and to Jeanette Huster. He married Joyce H. Pierson, born September 18, 1932, on December 27, 1954. They have three children and six grandchildren. Rumsfeld attended Princeton University and served in the U.S. Navy from 1954 to 1957 as an aviator and flight instructor. He transferred to the Ready Reserves until 1975 and to the Standby Reserve as a Navy Captain in 1989. Rumsfeld began his political career under President Eisenhower, later serving under Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Clinton and Bush. In 1977, President Gerald Ford awarded Rumsfeld the nation’s highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In between stints of public service he returned to private business several times. During Rumsfeld’s tenure as Chairman of Searle he obtained FDA approval for aspartame (NutraSweet); he earned a lot of money and became a rich man.

Rumsfeld’s Ascendant at 10º23’ Sagittarius makes him interested in politics. He is fearless and overly enthusiastic, and very imaginative and philosophical. This Ascendant gives him the ability to succeed as a government official. His mind is essentially materialistic. The Ascendant conjunct Rastaban, a fixed star, gives wealth, honors, prominence, and high preferment. The Ascendant trine Mercury gives keen mental and sensory perception and an intelligent mind that makes him a good public relations representative and diplomat. Ascendant sextile Moon bestows emotional balance and favors relationships with women and the public. Ascendant opposition to Mars gives an aggressive spirit and violence.

With Jupiter ruling his chart, he seeks to acquire much education and to occupy positions of importance; he is fond of travel and will live in foreign countries. Jupiter trine Uranus bestows organization, creative ability and inspiration; gives a quick grasp of situations; and brings fortunate turns in life. With Jupiter semi-sextile the Vertex, he is apt to suffer from false reports. He can be intolerant of others and express feelings excessively. The Vertex in Cancer reigns over domestic affairs and the need to belong. He loves home and country.

Strong emotions affect his interactions, and he has many ups and downs. He attracts people who work with or for the public in general. The Vertex in the 8th house rules death of the physical body and concerns other peoples’ resources and obstacles to finances, wills, legacies and insurance. Vertex square Uranus gives him an excitable, impulsive nature that lacks adaptability. Uranus square Pluto and Transpluto shows how mass involvement affects him. He may never feel secure; it creates many upsets, revolution, and a mania for destruction.

The Moon and Saturn are at the rim of this chart, holding the other planets in. Moon trine Saturn gives mental concentration and endurance of hardship if necessary. It is careful and attentive to business. The Moon at 2º Libra is strongly sensitive to the attitudes and reactions of others. Moon conjunct the MC indicates popularity and life in the public eye. With this Moon Rumsfeld is creative, sees both sides of a questions, and cannot be turned from his convictions. His MC, at 0º 0’ of Libra, brings many changes as he attempts to deal with his problems, and many public encounters as well. The Moon and Venus in mutual reception give emotional responsiveness, charm, and harmony.

Sun at the Mars/Jupiter midpoint gives a wealth of feelings, ambition, and ability to cope with many situations. It gives pride and an urge for freedom, as well as organizing talent. Sun solstice Mars confers willpower and action that require strength and courage, gives desire to be in the limelight, can overcome difficulties and danger. Virgo and Pisces are intercepted in the 9th and 3rd houses, creating Aries and Libra double houses ruled by Mars and Venus in a vigintile (18º) aspect, which is harmonizing.

Venus is retrograde at 1º15’ Cancer: he holds feelings in, can be easily hurt, moods can be fluctuating; he values financial and domestic security. Mars at 12º 22’ Gemini opposite the Asc. rules aggressiveness and restlessness. These are lessons to be learned in this lifetime.

The north node of Pluto is conjunct his Sun, bringing many associations which may be important in this lifetime.

Neptune’s NN conjunct Mercury is fantasy; he tends to make secret arrangements with others and can be highly seductive.

Uranus’s SN conjunct the Asc. gives a restless disposition and nervous irritability.

Uranus’s NN is conjunct Mars and opposite the Asc.; also Mars’s NN is conjunct Mars, and both nodes opposite the Asc. give a propensity to restless, willfulness, fights, and injuries.

Saturn’s NN conjunct Pluto and the Vertex give a hard, unfeeling disposition, a tendency toward violence and secretive plans. Cruelty to others. Self-destruction and separation.

Rumsfeld has had many changes in his life.

He was sworn in as Defense Secretary on January 20, 2001. He led the military planning and execution of the Iraq invasion in 2003. The Abu Ghraib scandal occurred on his watch and many critics felt he should resign, but Bush did not accept his resignation.

In December 2004 Rumsfeld signed over 1,000 condolence letters by using a machine instead of personally signing them. He was heavily criticized. He has come under fire several times by admirals and generals who believed he was not doing an adequate job. Bush said that Rumsfeld was exactly what he needed.

On March 1, 2005, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit in a federal court in Illinois on behalf of eight men who were tortured and abused by U.S. forces under the command of Defense Secretary Rumsfeld. The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages on behalf of these men.

Rumsfeld announced his resignation on November 8, 2006 at 10:54 AM at the Pentagon. He was under fire from Democrats and many Republicans. He is reassessing the core of his life. Robert Gates, former CIA chief, has been named to replace Rumsfeld.