Kray Brothers – Partners in Crime

by Virginia Reyer

Reginald and Ronald Kray were identical twin brothers and the foremost organized crime leaders in London’s East End during the 1950s and 60s. They were involved in protection rackets, hijacking, armed robbery, and arson, through which they acquired several clubs and other properties. The leader was Ronald, who was bisexual and became increasingly mentally ill. Ronald had a homosexual relationship with at least one Member of Parliament, so the press and police left them alone until members of “the firm,” as the gang was called, murdered several people. Even then, gathering evidence against them took several years, as nobody was willing to testify against them. Finally, in 1968, Scotland Yard arrested the Kray brothers, hoping that witnesses would be willing to come forward once they were no under threat of violence. The ploy worked, and on March 5, 1969 the twins each received life imprisonment, with a minimum of 30 years before they became eligible for parole. Charlie received 10 years for his part in the murders. Ronnie died certified insane; Reggie died soon after being freed; and Charlie died in prison.

Reginald was born on October 24, 1933 at 8:00 PM UT; his twin Ronald was born 10 minutes later at 8:10 PM UT. There is no time for Charles, who was born in 1927. The twins were born at Hoxton, UK (lat. 51 N 32, long. 00 E 04) in London’s East End, a district long known for poverty and crime.

The Krays began their criminal careers at age 16, becoming enforcers and extortionists for the head of an organized crime empire; later they took over the empire by force. From the proceeds of their gang activities, they led a life of luxury in or out of jail. When free they were killers, but were regarded as Robin Hood-style anti-heroes who behaved like gentlemen. They were violent bullies who would beat or slash people for the fun of it. Reggie once told a cousin that killing gave him a nice feeling. Acts of violence proved to be their undoing.

They became professional boxers at the age of 17 and were quite good at it, but were sent into the Army, where they spent most of their two-year National Service obligation in the base lockup for insubordination. They deserted, were recaptured, and court-martialed in May, 1953. They were civilians again at age 20, and since their criminal records precluded becoming professional boxers, they became the leaders of a gang of mobsters.

In the 1950s and 60s, Reggie Kray and his two brothers ruled London’s underworld. Reginald has 5º 16' Cancer Asc. His MC at 0º 47' Pisces is agreeable, adaptable, discreet but persuasive. Ronald has 7º 24' Cancer Asc. His MC at 3º25' Pisces bestows eminence in art and a mind given to extraordinary flights of fancy; he ended up in Broadmoor Prison’s insane asylum. His promises were greater than his accomplishments; his MC degree is one of sudden destruction and persecution. Cancer rising gives active emotions, high sensitivity, impressionability, and receptivity. Both loved dear old mom; Cancer gives a strong maternal instinct. The will is influenced by feeling; the nature is impulsive. Other planets between them are the same.

The chart ruler, Moon in the 7th house, shows a need for love and affection and brings fateful partnerships. The Moon in detriment and sextile the Vertex is emotionally sensitive to others and seeks a mother figure in relationships. Dealings with the public have to do with business. Saturn solstice the Vertex shows excessive worry, regret over past mistakes and misfortune. These reactions can result in neurotic or psychotic tendencies leading to prison or a mental institution. Regretting the past can become a cancerous growth.

Reginald was straight, Ronald a homosexual. Ronald has Mercury in the 5th; Reginald has Mercury in the 6th, both at 24º Scorpio conjunct the Vertex. Mercury is also trine Pluto at 24º 46' Cancer and square Uranus at 25º 11' Aries – violence, the mania of destruction to others. Uranus square Pluto denotes trouble with the opposite sex. Mercury conjunct the Vertex is unrestrained sexual expression and preoccupation with peculiar problems of love. It creates teamwork and collaboration between brothers who are impatient and self-centered. Mercury squaring the nodes: conflict with mental expression and communication, and meeting with social disapproval. Others disliked them.

Reginald has Mercury in the 6th house of health, affecting the small intestines. Gemini and Sagittarius are intercepted in the 6th and 12th houses; Mercury is semi-square Jupiter: their ideas are exaggerated and grandiose, lack common sense, and are impatient and self-centered. Mars/Asc. = 24º Virgo gives a desire to dominate the environment. Their ascendants, angles, and vertexes are 2 degrees different, so that the planets are in the same houses except for Saturn and Mercury. Saturn rules the 7th and 8th houses, and the Moon rules the Asc. and the 2nd house. Emotions are chained to past memories.

Reginald’s Moon is 16º 42' Capricorn, and Ronald's Moon is 16º 36' Capricorn. The Moon in Capricorn seeks money and power. Neptune in the 4th house rules the MC. Neptune squaring Venus and Mars is lack of good taste and a poorly developed sense of reality, and a desire to harm others. Mercury ruling the 4th house at 24º Scorpio and Neptune in the 4th show alcoholism in the family; also the family was poor. Vertex conjunct Mercury and square the nodes shows peculiar acquaintances or contacts. The Vertex in Scorpio conjunct Mercury has to do with evil deeds and fate. Vertex conjunct Mercury and opposing Caput Algol, the most evil star, gives an evil reputation and a strong desire to gain wealth and power.

Anti-Vertex conjunct the 12th house: they can be ruined by their own conduct. Violence, ruthlessness and murderous tendencies; this configuration disposed them toward a tragic end. Vertex at 20º-22º Scorpio shows low morality and extremes; attracts gangsters, criminals, and manipulators; deals with the underworld. Jupiter/Saturn midpoint at 9º 41' Sagittarius is conjunct Antares, an evil star, which is very violent, having to do with stabbing; it is headstrong, rash, cruel and treacherous to others as well as to themselves, causing arrest and danger of violent death. Uranus/Pluto midpoint is 9º 58 Gemini, conjunct Aldebaran: self-destruction and notoriety connected with pain or the cause of pain. Mars square Neptune is treachery, deceit, dishonesty, and is very cunning. Vertex quincunx Uranus increases emotional excitability. Uranus Rx manifests as rebellion, does not face up to responsibilities.

Moon opposing Pluto responds swiftly to opportunities, can be abusive, has dormant tendencies toward cruelty, corruption and violence; can erupt without warning. Transpluto square the Sun: ruthless tactics, bullies, the ego demands domination. Uranus square Transpluto gives revolutionary ideas, fanaticism, and unreliable conduct; attracts unreliable friends and has an emotional need for change.

Jupiter square the Asc. brings legal problems. Mars conjunct Venus and square Neptune: deception. corruption, and embezzlement; the Krays were unpredictable gangsters. Chiron square the MC and IC: they caused much hurt and self-undoing. Moon and Mercury are out of bounds; they seek to justify themselves. Venus and Jupiter are in mutual reception; the brothers wanted popularity.

The Sun at 0º 58' Scorpio square Transpluto is stubborn, obnoxious, and insensitive; it gives charisma. Zero degrees of a fixed sign gives homicide and meanness; can exhibit a 30-year cycle. Reggie’s first wife, Frances, killed herself with drugs in June, 1997; his second wife was Roberta.

Charlie, the older brother and infamous gangster, died at age 73; he served 12 years.

Ronald died at Broadmoor Mental Hospital on March 17, 1995, of a massive heart attack at the age of 62. Ronald had a negative attitude toward life, mental and emotional stress, and craving for drugs and alcohol. Mars/Uranus midpoint is conjunct the 8th house; this is the rhythm of the heart, a struggle for survival. Transiting Neptune conjunct the 8th house: paralysis of the hepatic arteries from alcoholism.

Reginald died on Oct. 1, 2000 of asphyxiation; he died peacefully in his sleep from inoperable cancer of the bladder. The brothers were buried alongside each other, and their life story was made into a movie.