Case Study: B. Cole, Liver Transplant

By Virginia Reyer

This is the chart of B. Cole, born April 20, 1954, at 3:39 pm, MST, Phoenix, AZ. Cole is a successful businessman who has been married twice and has three children. He had gallbladder surgery in his late 20s and contracted hepatitis from a transfusion. Afterwards he became very involved with drugs and alcohol, and had repeated flare-ups of the hepatitis. He received a liver transplant on June 1, 2001, at 0.30 am MST in Phoenix, AZ.

His Ascendant, 8º 25’ Pisces, is a gentle, sensitive sign that gives dexterity, imitative ability, and moodiness. Pisces is receptive to all kinds of influences and does not give strong willpower. A person with this rising sign is patient, visionary, philosophical and serene. Fate is rarely under his control, as there is some impelling force unconsciously pushing him toward good or ill. He rarely understands himself or his emotions, and is inclined to be secretive and inspired. He is very responsive to the thoughts and feelings of others and easily influenced by external conditions.

The Ascendant conjunct the East Point (Eq) brings people into his life. His Ascendant is also conjunct Venus’ south node, bringing a disharmonious relationship to the environment, a pleasure-seeking nature, and impulsivity in forming attachments. Trouble can be self-caused, as he attracts those who lack good taste. The East Point, at 14º 26’ Pisces, shows hereditary factors. He is anxious to attract attention. Neptune is the ruler and Jupiter the co-ruler of his ASC. There was a full moon two days before his birth, on April 18, 1954, at Libra 27º40, close to his Neptune and accentuating Neptune’s square to Chiron. Neptune opposing the Sun brings a health crisis and leads to exhaustion or depression. He needs a change in lifestyle or his health will get worse.

Transpluto in the 6th house is conjunct Praesaepe, a fixed star. Praesaepe signifies a founder of a large business, one who has grand ideas. It makes the native fortunate, though likely to lose through others. Mars quincunx ASC is medical, shows disease by the abuse of stimulants, but also healing. Transpluto is the strongest planet, has to do with visible and invisible forces, rules large groups, and has to do with transplants. Pluto/Transpluto midpoint is occupied by the Part of Fortune in the 6th house, showing tremendous healing power, the attainment of success, and the answer to the meaning of life.

Retrograde Neptune at 24º 33’ Libra in the 8th has psychic tendencies. Deceptive circumstances surround joint money matters. He has an outgoing, likeable personality, intuitive abilities, a good imagination, and psychic talent. Though he is mechanically inclined and works with dexterity, he has a tendency to seek out escapist experiences through alcohol and drugs. The Ascendant conjunct Skat, a star, gives romantic and domestic problems and setbacks. Pisces is an elusive sign that gives a tendency to turn to drugs and alcohol to find release. Neptune Rx lets others make his choices, thus setting him up to be taken advantage of.

The Vertex at 20º 34’ Virgo in the 7th can be idea-listic, romantic and affectionate. With the Vertex and anti-Vertex squaring Jupiter, there can be conflicts in love. This aspect brings love of pleasure and everything on the grand scale, excessive expression of feelings, and misjudgment. He can be careless with others. Vertex sextile the Moon at 23º 53’ Scorpio has strong, biased emotions based on willful desire. The anti-Vertex has emotional conflict with the intellect.

The Moon is in the sign of its fall. Moon semi-sextile Neptune is peculiar relationships, weakness, and a muddled domestic life. Pluto semi-sextile Vertex is strong sensuality, fanciful imaginings. The Vertex sits at the Neptune/Pluto midpoint, creating confusion, self-torment, unstable love affairs and karmic unions. Pluto may also rekindle past love affairs, as it rules inseparable unions. Retrograde Pluto at 22º35 Leo squares the Moon, signifying an intense and extravagant emotional nature that seeks drastic changes through alcohol. Neptune sextile Pluto can conflict with the intellect, and it also craves alcohol. The Neptune/Pluto midpoint is at 23º 34’ Leo squaring Jupiter; it rules the liver.

Drugs and alcohol are shown by 11º Aries, and by 8º, 9º and 20 to 25 degrees of the fixed signs. In the case of Mr. Cole, Venus, the Moon, Pluto and Neptune show problems with alcohol. Uranus at 19º15’ Cancer is conjunct Pluto’s north node, and shows the process of transformation. Pluto at the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint shows an excess of water in the blood (hemolysis) and lack of tone to the liver. Part of Fortune at the Pluto/Transpluto midpoint shows a successful transplant.

Chiron at 28º 31’ Capricorn makes a T-square with the Sun and Neptune, showing pain and the cause of pain. Neptune rules transfusions, and Neptune opposite the Sun is weakness and edema. Uranus square Neptune is paralysis of the rhythmic processes. Moon trine Uranus brings help and assistance from and through friends, attainment of sudden success, and accomplishment in the change of circumstances.

The transplant chart (June 1, 2001) has 0º 41’ of Pisces rising. The 0 degree gives a new start. The Asc. trine Mercury is agreeable and adaptable. Retrograde Neptune at 8º 30’ Aquarius in the 12th house is fearless, hits the truth of life, but also can signify alcoholism. The East Point at 8º 40’ Pisces conjunct the natal Ascendant gives a new lease on life. Transpluto at 25º 13’ Leo is intercepted in the 6th house, and it opposes Retrograde Uranus at 24º 50’ Aquarius, which is intercepted in the 12th. This gives certain restrictions due to new circumstances.

Transiting Uranus trine Jupiter shows the new liver, gives much inspiration, and sees a ray of hope ahead. Sun trine Moon shows a balance of liquids in the body; 11 liters of fluid was removed during the surgery. With Pluto conjunct the MC, the transplant was a success. The transit shows growth, regaining of strength, and a desire to recuperate. Cole went back to work in his business and is doing well. The interception of Leo in the 6th and Aquarius in the 12th has to do with the circulation in the body, and alcohol would interfere with this. The Sun at 10º53’ Gemini needs proper breathing and oxygenation. The Vertex at a critical degree in the 7th house and squaring Jupiter creates problems in relationships, disharmony, and a craving for pleasure. Others could be upsetting him.

In the transplant chart, Pluto conjunct the MC gives a desire to recuperate and the power to attain success in life. It relates to inner change and transformation to a new way of life. Uranus opposed Transpluto, intercepted, responds in an automatic, unconscious way to the process of transformation through prudence and aspiration.