Chiron to Natal Aspects

By Virginia Reyer

Chiron, like any other planet, is strengthened or weakened by its house position and contacts to other planets. Chiron has a connection with consciousness- expanding teachings and initiation into higher consciousness.

Chiron-Sun: the native struggles to rebuild his identity, as the sense of self is impaired or wounded. It will take time to feel real again. By helping others, the native is better able to understand his own pain. This aspect is affected by the expression of individual power potential and will show how and where the native makes his mark through the creative expression and application of his will. It gives a dynamic attitude toward life and challenges fate. One receives as one gives. This is a superior position, is likely to give assistance to others.

Chiron-Moon manifests the feelings and unconscious habits. Family life tends to be an important factor, as the Moon rules the mother, females, the home and the public. The native may suffer an impaired relationship, especially early in life. Can show a lack of proper connection to either parent. Native is not able to express emotion, being very sensitive to others or susceptible to outside influences. Can become more aware of the collective unconscious. It ensures sympathetic understanding and generosity by helping others.

Chiron-Mercury gives important clues to what influences the mind and how to make decisions. Adaptability is a striking feature. Can be an excellent speaker, communicator and writer. Can be impatient or have a sensitive nervous system and become sidetracked. Can gain popularity and acceptance for themselves and win support of brethren, neighbors and others. We are assisted by the process of memory and by the acquisition of knowledge.

Chiron-Venus has deep-seated feelings, strong personal power of attraction, and an urge to lean on others. Gives the power to wish. Gives sexual aberration and fear of being hurt. Capable of great sensitivity to the feelings and sufferings of others. Can draw on deep resources for artistic and social opportunities. Can be subjected to emotional and sexual difficulties with occasional lack of selfcontrol. Gives quick contact with others.

Chiron-Mars learns to fight for what the native believes in. Gives information about one’s characteristic modes of action influenced by the desire principle as to how to take action to avoid conflicts, disagreements, and stubbornness. Mars is more psychological than physical, and inner stamina can be stronger, directing the energies toward spiritual unfoldment. Can teach others to be less self-centered and more adaptable.

Chiron-Jupiter is where the native is creative, expressive and expansive. This connection reacts strongly to spiritual, psychic and healing abilities and to higher education. It indicates where the native expresses expansiveness, where he does things on a large scale. It also indicates where a person shares what has been given to him, thereby receiving help and benefit from others in return. Also indicates where the person thinks positively and listens optimistically to his higher voice.

Chiron-Saturn shows how the individual shoulders responsibility and develops maturity and discipline. It indicates how we all share realities and are more likely to experience difficulties and limitations to develop spirituality, status and recognition. This is a rare and “generational” aspect. Individuals are experiencing unstable or unusual family structures, lack of stability trying to build their own alternatives. They feel rejected, have difficulty trusting, are pessimistic. Shows how to build structures into these areas of life that lack it. Practical ambition to help self and others.

Chiron-Uranus shows how we establish an intuitive link with the Universal Mind that enables us to receive original ideas and inspiration. It points to the type of friends or persons we are seeking. Gives us the urge to reform our own methods in the interest of others. It encourages restlessness, gives a desire for constant change and excitement. These people lead adventuresome, unusual lives and may suffer a great deal of nervous tension, especially when afflicted. Magnetic quality inspires confidence.

Chiron-Neptune: the native may seem to be living in a child’s fantasy world. There can be blind spots or emotional and spiritual challenges. It gives a sympathetic understanding of others and strange powers of attraction. There is a search for soul-unions. The inner or psychic life is open to external influences. Craving for alcohol and nicotine can bring strange nervous disorders that are difficult to diagnose. Can also be affected by moods and uneasiness. Is prey to fears and mental confusion. It can bring spiritual healing. Gives a spiritual link with others and karmic ties.

Chiron-Pluto brings fundamental upheavals and drastic transformations in the areas of human life such as transplants. These changes can be regenerative or degenerative, and usually both effects are felt. Pluto gives a highly developed sense of personal problems that require serious work on improving health. Dishonesty can bring legal retribution. One needs to share initiative and responsibility easily. This aspect can lead to uprising. Gives conflict with authorities.

Chiron-Transpluto is charismatic and persuasive.These individuals are intensely determined, with deep, intense feelings. According to Landscheid, Transpluto has the combined meanings of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and is radioactive. It gives intense feelings of love and sex based on satisfaction. Has to do with visible and invisible forces. Gives great power and mends deep hurts.

Chiron-Nodes: the North Node pulls toward the future; the South Node comes from the past. Gives the desire to seek perfection with others in peace and love. The nodes show life’s path. Planets with positive aspects to the nodes bring a rich, rewarding life. The native will be aided with help from others and will also be able to help others.


Aries through Libra

ARIES/1st has a tremendous psychological drive, brings courage after painful early experiences of rejection. It is the path of learning about oneself. The “I am” spirit of enterprise and the development of a strong personality. When relating to others, it likes to lead them.

TAURUS/2nd has purposeful determination and strong willpower. The native has his own methods of doing things, leading to an acquisitive nature. Has a rigid set of morals and values and personal rules for behavior which he expects others to understand and follow. May have bizarre sexual habits or experiences because they crave sensual and physical outlets for their emotional security.

GEMINI/3rd feels the impact of sibling rivalry. Difficulties and upsets during the school years lead to problems in self-expression that must be overcome. The mind is considered the reflector of the deep inner man. Mercury is the mirror or messenger, and this person can be very persuasive and draw attention easily to himself for his brilliance and ease of expression. Gives strong mental skills, easy despondency for early shortcomings and difficulties. May manifest as developmental challenges and strength of expression.

CANCER/4th could have had early childhood abuse or a distant and non-nurturing family life. Both parents are part of the picture, and natives often express a feeling of distance from them. It shows the relationship of the parental home and the relationship between the emotional state and the digestive organs. Cancer has awareness of the past, wants to feel nurtured by those around them. It symbolizes the need for support and thereby nurtures others and takes care of the needy.

LEO/5th is instinctive and intuitive creativeness, selfconfidence and generosity. Their faith and loyalty to those they love is strong and they are strongly attached. With over-estimation of the self, they could have experienced trauma. As a result of neglect or poverty during childhood they may choose to have no children, as they do not wish to repeat the past. This native tends to play the game of love on an all or nothing basis, like all gamblers. A negative attitude gives rise to lack of determination and other difficulties.

VIRGO/6th represents duty, service, obligation, and a sense of indebtedness that the native owes to others, or others owe him. It is somewhat karmic in nature. Physical or emotional pain from childhood illness leads the native to seek out a career or vocation in the medical or in spiritual healing and teaching. Has to do with service, work and health. The state of mind has a direct bearing on health. Can have strong karmic ties with others. Can cause enmity through fault-finding and criticalness. Is constantly learning lessons of humble service and patience.

LIBRA/7th deals with other people. It also is the way others deal with the native or how the native sees others. Always tends to be involved in an intimate relationship. It also represents open enemies and obvious competitors. It is the sense of justice, the striving for harmony and public spirit. Gives a communal sense. It represents others’ help or guidance, the balance of affection and concern about others. Craves peace and harmony and has a strong sense of justice.

SCORPIO/8th rules birth and death. It is a challenging placement relating to sex, death and transformation. Has a strong reserve and is not easily known, as emotions are below the surface. As Chiron is the indicator of wounding, these people often undergo painful illnesses. Chiron here never deals with life superficially, and not many are allowed to access his inner world. It is very secretive and can penetrate the inner thoughts of others. Seeks to be used by the power to heal others.

SAGITTARIUS/9th has to do with the cultivation of the inner or spiritual side of life – meditation, hopeful planning and expansion, moral and religious aspirations. Gives an abundance of feeling and a sense of justice. Enjoys social contact and harmonious teamwork. Is kindhearted, outgoing, social and open-minded. It is the path of an independent spiritual seeker and gifted teacher.

CAPRICORN/10th is a strong sign for a healer and teacher. Tries to achieve security by his activities in the outer world. Brings caution, a sense of limitation, and hard work. His sense of order makes the native a good servant or a good official who will carry out orders from above. Adopts a serious attitude toward life, with endurance, patience, and consciousness of an objective. Gives ability to learn from experience, slow but sure advancement in life, and adaptability to circumstances.

AQUARIUS/11th gives a wait-and-see attitude, good powers of observation, and adaptability. Gives a wealth of plans and sudden action at the right moment. Very sociable and ready to help others. Gives hopes and wishes and ties through friendships. Is freedom-loving, perverse, original and independent. Human contacts are made in an impersonal, detached manner. This sign with its group instinct will always direct the native to where people are, or else people will come to him. Has a humanitarian interest with sympathy for human problems.

PISCES/12th is a sensitive placement. Natives are responsive to the thoughts and feelings of others, unconsciously absorbing the ideas and mental outlook of those around them. Their temperament varies from being very optimistic to being acutely pessimistic. They are involved in a dream world where they forget the self. Can have over-active imaginations. They are unselfish, lovable, devoted, and eager to sacrifice themselves for those around them. Gifted healers. They may also crave drugs, alcohol or nicotine, and can have pathological tendencies.