"Al H. Morrison (1916-1995) was a quirky and innovative astrologer who had a powerful influence on astrologers worldwide. Some of his nuggets appeared in the September 2004 ASA Astrologer. - Virginia Reyer"

Al Morrison's Aphorisms

"This is an excerpt from an article compiled by Karen Christino which originally appeared in Ken Gillman's Considerations magazine, Volume XIII, No. 4 (November 1998 - January 1999). Karen's book, The Best of Al H. Morrison is available from The Astrology Center of America and the American Federation of Astrologers."

A 165 degree aspect has no name, but if this aspect occurs between two planets, then in the affairs of the houses they occupy the native has the unending capability of carrying on, continuing in total disregard of all practical reality. There is nothing like the nagging persistence of the 165 degree aspect. Just never say die, never stop trying, never give up on negotiating the non-negotiable.

Quintiles (72 degrees) show the capability of working magic. They give complete inner serenity; you know what you need, your neural systems put out a good pattern. This can be very dangerous; it is not automatically beneficial to the world. Hitler had five quintiles.

Bi-quintiles (144 degrees) are heavily positive.

A semiquintile (36 degrees) offers a stroke of luck.

Septile (51 degrees) gives the capability of a broad attention span, never resolves a matter completely. Indicates ingenuity, one who is able to fit things together. Not a rational aspect.

Novile (40 degree) holds fast, picks up the next octave, cycle, turn of the spiral. (But Robert Blaschke characterized it as a “40 years in the wilderness” aspect of spiritual testing.)

Squares give greater accuracy, natural aptitude for handling precision. Oppositions give the opportunity for objectivity.

Planets in exact aspect to the Ascendant are what the public sees. The rest is beyond being viewed.

A unaspected planet is deprived of or exempt from its full expression.

There is something stiff, fossil, about extremely precise aspects. The people who have them are not able to change.

The golden-section proportions are consistent in all known life-forms, including bacteria and viruses. They appear in the architecture of Stonehenge, Chartres Cathedral in France, and Glastonbury Cathedral in England (see the work of Sir Keith Crichlow). From the elbow to the shoulder is A. From the elbow to the tip of the finger is B. From the navel up is A. From the naval down is B. H20 (water) is a golden mean ratio.

Dividing the 360 degrees of the zodiac by the ratio of the Golden Sections we get the following series of arcs.

  • Beta – 222º 29’32”
  • Alpha – 137º 30’28”
  • Re-divide the above by 137º30’28”:
  • Beta – 84º59’06”
  • Alpha – 52º31’24”, and so on.
  • Each of these successive derivative Golden Sections is an astrological aspect. Planets at these angles will over-manifest in life, style, behavior, character.

    Transits represent circumstances, opportunities, conditions; i.e., the weather report.

    Progressions indicate interchanges within the individual in which they become ready to do something, dawning readiness. Example: a child may be given a tricycle but cannot yet learn to ride it.

    Progressions indicate the maturing of character caused by the changing nature of the person. They show the perpetual evolution of the spirit.

    Progressed periods that include mutual receptions will indicate stormy periods, times of turbulence.

    Events that come about when heliocentric aspects are perfect are caused by natural forces beyond any/all human control. An extreme example is that of a meteor that survives passage through the atmosphere and hits somebody or something.

    Events that come about when geocentric aspects are perfect are the result of interaction between humanity and nature. We change the environment and suffer the consequences. Events that arise after some aspect has come and gone are a matter of a degree having been sensitized. For example, every time a planet makes a conjunction (geocentric) with the degree of a past eclipse, some event or situation arises an an echo of the eclipse.

    Events which arise when progressing parallel or contra-parallel aspects become exact in secondary progression are caused primarily by the human spirit, with only minimal use of physically existing circumstances. An example would be when it dawns on somebody that she/her does not really believe any/all of this “crap.”

    The events that come with exact aspects by the progressed Ascendant are primarily personal (usually totally subjective) happenings and/or situations.

    The progressed Moon cycle is biological, indicating the development of sexuality. Saturn’s transit cycle indicates your responsibilities and your perception of time.

    The progressed Moon’s cycle in declination at its peak (north) is a time when nothing is working from prior lifetimes. When it’s at the bottom (south), all memories of prior incarnations are available.

    One should be aware of the paths of the eclipses that occurred prior to birth. One of them will be important in some manner. It may be related to their parental lineage, friends from those areas, ties of some sort. The ties may be karmic in nature or through reincarnation. Example: many solar eclipse lines cross near Pearl Harbor for 1880 to 1930 births – destiny.

    In 1968, my beginner’s class speculated that where the path of a solar eclipse crossed a complex of major geological faults, as in the famous San Andreas fault and many more important but less investigated fault systems, a quake would happen at the next transit of Saturn over the degree of the solar eclipse.

    In 1975, I found that in several major earthquakes, the predominant pattern in the charts of the quakes was what I called a “GIGGY.” A GIGGY (always in caps) consists of any of an infinite variety of patterns in which the chart is primarily a see-saw pattern (as defined by Marc Edmund Jones) centered on an opposition but also with a lopsided thrust. There must also be a Johndro aspect (165º) or a Kepler aspect (150º) involving one of the major planets of the opposition near the southern meridian (MC) of the quake chart. I found this fairly consistently in the charts of quakes available to me.

    A yod is only true if the focal point is the heaviest planet; otherwise the energy is dissipated and there is no focus. A true yod endows one with a fiendish coherence. The Ayatollah Khomeni (5/17/1900) had a Mercury-Venus-Uranus yod.

    The north node describes lessons yet to be learned – the conjectural, possible future.

    The south node represents things so heavily over-learned in prior incarnations that you repeat the behavior until you learn better.

    Personal changes in the affairs of the houses containing the north node always come with changes in direction of the progressing nodes. These are a matter of destiny. We have little or not options.

    Those born with the Moon’s node direct are a distinctly different order of humanity. We cannot conform to any generally accepted social norm in the situations specified by the houses in which our lunar nodes find themselves at birth.

    Those born with the lunar nodes direct tend to make an uphill life of whatever they choose for a vocation. Often they are prone to act from principle rather that the profit motive. While the nodes are direct in secondary progression, the career of the native is hindered by stress, harsh competition, and often by his own efforts to change conditions. While the nodes are direct in transit, ordinary routines take on a somewhat more brisk pace and variances from the normal are more apt to show up. In Horary, the direct nodes seem to indicate that the native is doing things the hard way, perhaps pursuing some impractical course.

    One should use different house systems for different things. Example: Alcabitius represents people as they are, with no reference to social environments, without typical constraints. Placidus shows people within society. Koch indicates the person’s psychological nature.

    Rapid mental chemistry: Mercury ahead of the Sun. Slow mental chemistry: Mercury follows the Sun. Deliberates, seeks only that which is sought.

    The 8th house indicates departure into the other life, rebirth, crossing, as well as the reason for passing. The 4th house indicates the circumstances at the end of life.

    Pluto indicates a reversion to primitive impulses.

    The astrology of cancer is mainly a matter of Pluto. Heavy Pluto aspects in the natal create a massive obsession. Pluto is low-self. The Sun is high-self.

    Pluto on the MC in event or totality charts represents totality, leaves no trace, destroys.

    Animals are more in sync with the Moon than with the Sun. Plants are tied to the solar cycle.

    No water at all in the chart shows someone incapable of sympathy or empathy.

    No fire: a desperate effort to be the most flaming, hottest thing there is (after Charles Jayne).

    From the viewpoint of astrology, there cannot be any two cases of midlife crisis anywhere near alike. There are no two charts alike, nor are the details, sequences or transits or progressions anywhere near alike. And it is here that the details of the individual experience are spelled out.

    In geocentric astrology it is of great importance to note whether the next coming conjunctions will be inferior or superior. It makes a big difference in delineation.

    All induced or Caesarian births naturally pre-empt both the natural birth process and at least some of the final developments within the womb. The impact of extreme prematurity is that such natives never achieve mature emotional balance.

    People born during meteor showers are different in character and personality – more open, more adventurous.

    There is no excitement between astro-twins, clones. Though one may admire one’s own quality in the other, subtle differences produce a totally intolerant situation.

    If a chart says “X” in one way, it also says exactly the same thing in any number of ways. (Marc Edmund Jones)

    Al’s personal observation:

    “Give them a hard time. Give them all a hard time.”