The Arizona Astrologer Reprint

Reprinted from the October 1991 Arizona Astrologer

Daniel Giamario
The Male Mysteries

Scribe: Patrick Hesselmann

One of the root causes of the problems in both men and women is that the patriarchy only recognized about three acceptable archetypes for each gender. For women, the only archetypes society has validated are Cancer (nurturing, domestic responsibility), Virgo (service to The Work, as in nursing, teaching, etc.), and Pisces (service and sacrifice to the man in their lives). Scorpio and Capricorn were too powerful to be acceptable in women, and Taurus was too sensuous to be part of the accepted morality. Women have spent the last 15 to 20 years working on retrieving the missing archetypes for themselves through the women’s movement. Men are significantly behind but the men’s movement is now starting to gain momentum.

The time is singularly ripe for change. Three of the four cardinal points will precess into new constellations during our lifetimes. Additionally, the Autumnal Equinox point is even now moving from Virgo into Leo, and is effectively conjunct the fixed star Regulus, the lion’s heart. This is a star of intense but playful expression of the masculine principle.

As we examine the twelve approaches to being masculine, we need to recognize that this has nothing to do with the Sun sign. We are describing archetypes, which can be applied to the school from which one has graduated or the tribe to which one belongs (the moon), the intent of the life (the inner planets; with men, particularly Mars), the integration point for reaching one’s intent (the Ascendant), or the Sun sign. Each planet brings with it a particular message. Its own archetype combines with the archetype of the sign it is placed in.

The Moon represents the area in which you bring considerable expertise. This is a part of the spectrum you have practiced over many lifetimes, and with which you have become very comfortable. Now it is intended to be simply a background, material you can use to serve one or more intents in the current life.

The South Node complements the moon. If the moon represents the particular tribe you belong to because of your understanding of the tribal customs and mores, the house of the South Node represents the job you had in that tribe. If the South Node is in the 6th house, you might have been involved in keeping the group healthy through service and understanding of the tribe’s medical lore.

The Sun represents the “fuel” you are burning in this life. It is an expression of how you are going to achieve the intent expressed in the overall chart.

Mercury represents our application of knowledge and our thinking processes. To a large extent we will bypass Mercury for this description of Daniel’s material.

Venus represents the anima in a man’s make-up. This is his inner idealization of the female principle. It is typically what he will seek in women until he either finds the principle in a woman or finds it in himself and uses it to meet his anima needs.

Where he contracts a relationship with a woman on whom he projects his ideal without too much regard for who she actually is, things will start to go sour when the initial bubble of “being in love” bursts. At that stage he will start to see the negative side of his anima archetype (which he is projecting), and typical relationship problems start to occur.

Mars represents his own maleness. This is what he needs to express. The degree to which he can either find validation in society or validate himself for this archetype determines to what extent he can avoid the frustration and rage of being put down for his true self. Up to now, few men have been able to find validation for who they truly are.

Jung described the masculine side of men and women as “to know your sword, and to know how to use it.” Validation of a man’s Mars brings out the God in him, just as validation of a woman’s Venus brings out the Goddess in her.

The Ascendant represents the most effective path to the intent of the life, the best way for achieving our goals of growth in this particular life.

The inner planets and ascendant make up the “tribe” (moon) and the intent (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant) of the life. The intent deals with the unfolding dynamics of the personality, not a static character trait.

Let us then proceed to the archetypes themselves, which Daniel deals with in the order of acceptability for men in the patriarchy. So first we deal with the fire signs.

Aries intent: Here the sword quality imposed by the patriarchy is of the warrior, the strong competition, whether it be between individuals or nations. In a nonpatriarchal reference frame, Daniel sees it more in terms of aggressive play, Arthurian knights jousting for the favors of a lady, teenagers wrestling for fun, sports played for the love of the sport rather than to win at all costs, rams butting their horns to establish their position.

Sagittarius intent: This is the sword quality of the trail buddy, the adventurer (Odysseus, Jason), the wanderer, as well as of the religious leader, the one who climbs the mountain to find God. Validate this type by sending him to seek the truth. If he returns, YOU are the quest. If he doesn’t, he wouldn’t have been here long anyway.

Leo intent: This is the Sun-King, the charismatic leader who will inspire others to action, will bring them to follow his vision. Here the need to express that leadership in such a way that there is acceptance, rather than domination, tyranny, etc. There is always an element of play in the Leo personality, which needs to be brought out and validated.

The next most acceptable archetypes in the patriarchy are the air signs, particularly Gemini and Aquarius.

Gemini intent reflects Hermes (Mercury), the messenger of the Gods. Gemini is the bard, the troubadour, the court jester: the only one permitted to point out the follies of the king’s court and allowed to get away with it. Gemini is also a very phallic archetype. Hermes myths certainly include short trysts and lack a theme of fatherhood responsibilities.

Aquarius intent has less to do with weirdness than is generally attributed to it. It involves more of a desire to experience the cosmic. The overview, the spiritual side, the ability to get in touch with the intangible realm is important to them. Joust with them, argue the higher realm concepts, go out on a limb intellectually with them, and they will be fascinated.

Libra intent deals with the synergy between two individuals, with how to bring about relatedness successfully. Honor this individual for his ability to relate to you, for their consideration of the couple energy in the relationship, for taking care of your feelings and needs. The Libra archetype is susceptible to being undone if the relationships he is involved in don’t work out.

From there we move on to the more difficult archetypes for men in the patriarchy. The earth archetypes deal with manifestation, bringing Spirit into matter.

Capricorn intent is probably the easiest of the feminine archetypes for men to deal with in the patriarchy, not because they are good at it but because it is accepted. Capricorn concerns bringing Spirit down into matter to manage and control it. The responsible administration of one’s domain is a strong characteristic, requiring understanding of resources; the ability to make a dollar and an individual squeak with how much use you get out of them.

Virgo intent brings Spirit into matter to appreciate it, to understand its patterns and to admire it. The subtleties that distinguish this from that delight Virgo. With this comes the Sacred Work, the function that Virgo is called on to perform. Validate Mars in Virgo for their dedication, their excellence in performing their calling, their ability to discriminate. And don’t interrupt Mars in Virgo when he is doing the Work! There is another, less frequently encountered, side to Mars in Virgo. This deals with the pagan understanding of the goddess, the appreciation of the service that is owed to the feminine. The timing, the ritual, the earthiness are part of this image. It is portrayed as the horned god Pan, is the King Stag, the wild man in the woods. The distinction between Virgo and Scorpio is subtle but important. Virgo has all the earthiness and the ability to truly honor the goddess, but understands the need for timing. The Virgin Priestess will come to the sacred grove maybe eight times a year to pay dues to the power and life-giving force of sex. Mars in Virgo understands this sense of timing. Validate this version of Virgo by admiring their combination of vigor and restraint. Scorpio understands the same need for sexual vigor, but will be there every night just in case.

Taurus intent brings Spirit into matter to appreciate and feel it. Taurus likes to be in the present moment, experiencing every bit of life that can be sensed. To be in touch with beauty, sensuality, and good food is to be in heaven. But we need to recognize that neither men nor women who have this archetype are yet validated by society. This may be more true for Taurus archetype women, who tend to be seen as disrupters and threats by the pair-bonded couples. In fact, the true Taurus archetype man or woman has no intent of establishing a long-term relationship. They want to experience sensuousness and intimacy and then move on to the next experience.

The most difficult archetypes for men in the patriarchy have been the water signs. The water intent is to be in touch with feelings.

Cancer intent is probably the easiest of the water archetypes, since a man can express his Cancer intent by taking care of the family. This may be expressed by doing things for and with the children. Often he will feel less able to express the nurturing that is so much a part of the Cancerian nature, since society generally doesn’t validate male nurturing to a large extent.

Pisces demonstrates empathic, universal feeling, with selfless service to others. Dionysus, the twice-born, is always depicted indulging in wine and surrounded by women. They are not conquests but evidence of his ability to relate to others, a characteristic more valued by women than by men. Pisces is a safe space in which you can share your feelings and not be hurt. In the patriarchy, this behavior has not been valued by men, so Pisces intent men tend to keep their feelings to themselves. Pisces and Cancer archetype men need to be carefully drawn out to establish trust. This safe space needs to be respected: one violation will send them back inside the fort for a long time.

Scorpio intent is in some way the most difficult for men and women in the patriarchy. It calls for the individual to experience the depths and intensity of feelings that are Scorpio and control them so that life can still be lived among other mortals. Mars in Scorpio is intended to feel intensely, richly, fully. They want the opportunity to express their own wild, organic masculinity, their conscious sexuality. For men with Aries and Leo Mars, sex is recreation, sport. For men with Scorpio Mars, sex is religion, a way of worship and getting in touch with the depths and heights of experience. Scorpio is Pan in the oak grove, taking the feminine but on her terms. It is tantric union in a sacred way, complete surrender.

The basic archetypes apply wherever you find them. The planet in the sign tells whether this is past experience and knowledge (moon and South Node) or personal experience intent for this life (inner planets and North Node), or more societally-connected intent (outer planets).

Combinations of past knowledge and current intent can lead to a harmonious pattern or can indicate the desire to change completely from past experiences. For example, a man with Sagittarius Moon, South Node in the 11th house, Leo ascendant, and Mars in Gemini is certainly well set up for a life of exploring, independence and action. But any woman who expects him to share feelings, settle down, and do half the domestic chores is in for a big surprise. Those activities are neither his background nor his intent.

Similarly, a man with a Pisces Moon, South Node in the 12th house, Mars in Virgo and Cancer rising who finds himself at West Point is likely to find the experience intolerable, and will be bullied and ridiculed by his compadres. The best way is out!

The combinations of intents and past experiences can bring about ambiguity and confusion. Consider some poor devil with Moon in Cancer in the 4th and South Node in the 12th. Obviously, his background is in the feminine side: he may well be coming from a series of lives in female bodies, goddess cultures and the like.

Now let’s add Aries rising and Mars in Sagittarius. Let’s give him a Leo Sun and Mercury as well. And now all of a sudden he is faced with the intent of being the all-American jock!

The same kind of problems will emerge for a man with a strong masculine background (say, Moon in Sagittarius, south node in the 1st). If such a man has strong indications of feminine intent for this life (say, Mars in Cancer and Pisces rising), there will be a graduation period during which it is important for him to grow beyond his masculine /yang past and into a more receptive and feminine/yin present. A good compromise may be to allow himself minor excursions with the buddies to watch the game and get drunk at times that are acceptable to his domestic commitments.

Thanks to Daniel for the simplicity and incisiveness of his approach to the male mysteries and his practical advice on how to tend the garden of relationship.