ASA Election Panel
Synopsis of Findings
by Sarah Laurent, with Marta Morris and Doug Noblehorse

At its October meeting, ASA presented a panel of four astrologers, each with a different approach, who examined the astrological evidence to predict the winner of the 2008 presidential election. The consensus was that Barack Obama is most likely to win, but there may well be problems between Election Day and Inauguration Day.

Marta Morris, Contemporary Mundane       Charlotte Benson, Vedic       Douglas Noblehorse, Hellenistic       Ken Hopkins, Declinations

Marta Morris - Contemporary Mundane

Beginning the presentation was Marta Morris, a Sedona astrologer who has followed politics for years. Using the 7º Gemini rising US chart (Equal House from Ascendant; see link below), Marta examined the charts of Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama to see which one had the most favorable contacts.

Marta went back to the 2000 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction to show where it fell in the US Chart. It occurred in the 12th house of self-undoing or secrets, which explains a lot.

Next she pointed back to the various outer planet oppositions to Saturn, the first one being the Pluto/Saturn opposition which occurred in the 1st and 7th houses. 9/11, or The Twin Towers Terrorism act, was one of its manifestations. The Neptune/Saturn opposition occurred in the 3rd and 9th house, and crumbling infrastructure has been one of its manifestations. Neptune was conjunct the Moon at the time, which in 2006 was the height of the real estate frenzy, the Moon ruling homes archetypically and the economy by rulership.

The current Uranus/Saturn opposition, which will perfect 5 times, is occurring in the 4th/10th house axis. At the time of the election, Uranus is still retrograde so the change in structure will not be as radical as if it were direct. Do not forget the 4th house here, which resulted in the current mortgage crisis that began with the Neptune opposition.

She noted that on October 23, 2008 Pluto enters 29º Sagittarius, marking the beginning of a continuous two-year opposition to the US Venus across the 2-8 house axis, which will affect all things financial. Furthermore, the opposition is on an Aries Point (0º of any cardinal sign with a 2º orb), intensifying its impact. So the new president will have his work cut out for him.

Both candidates have ties to the U.S. Chart, but McCain’s are harder, showing his role as war hero and his reputation as a “maverick.” Briefly, McCain’s Nodes square the US Venus, as does his Mercury. His Pluto conjuncts the US Mercury and opposes the US Pluto. His Sun squares Uranus and his Mars opposes the US Moon. His Venus conjuncts Neptune.

Obama’s Venus conjuncts the U.S. Venus and his Moon conjuncts the U.S. Ascendant, refl ecting his enormous popular appeal. Mercury conjuncts North Node. Mars conjuncts Neptune-not a bad money tie! ASC conjuncts Moon; Saturn and Jupiter conjunct Pluto. His Pluto sextiles Jupiter and Neptune trines it. Chiron trines Jupiter/Venus; Sun opposes the Moon.

Prior to December 1, 2007, McCain was all but invisible. In fact, back in November, 2007, Marta did a prediction for this upcoming election and McCain was barely mentioned by her or by the media. Then on December 1, 2007, Pluto began to aspect by conjunction McCain’s North Node in Capricorn. And out he came, gaining momentum as Pluto reached 1º in April, 2008. On October 23, 2008, Pluto begins to square McCain’s Mercury, which in turn squares the US Venus. Whether or not this will have an effect before or after the election remains a mystery.

For Obama, in the same manner, on December 1, 2007 Pluto began its opposition to his Venus which rules his 9th house, and we began hearing endlessly the name Reverand Jeremiah Wright. Obama is in the middle of that transit with 2 more hits to go. On Election Day Jupiter will be moving toward a conjunction with Obama’s Saturn. The Moon will be conjunct Obama’s Saturn, a favorable indicator. The SN will be conjunct Obama’s Sun and McCain’s Mars, which is interesting since they have both lost elections in the past.

On Election Day, both candidates have many transits, but all of McCain’s are separating and all of Obama’s are approaching. The preponderance of evidence is in his favor. But it’s close.

A significant and puzzling thing is that Saturn goes retrograde after the election at 21º of Virgo, just short of a conjunction to the U.S. Neptune, which rules the 10th.

Also, Marta predicted a shocking surprise coming up in January.

Chart Information (click link to open chart in a new window)

Gemini Rising United States Chart (July 4, 1776; 2:13 AM LMT; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Tropical Zodiac)
Kelleher United States Chart (July 4, 1776; 6:30 PM LMT; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Sidereal Zodiac)
Articles of Confederation Chart (November 15, 1777; 1:35 PM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Tropical Zodiac)
Washington Inauguration Chart (April 30, 1789; 1:20 PM LMT; New York, New York; Tropical Zodiac)

John McCain (August 29, 1936; 6:25 PM EST; Colon, Panama; Tropical Zodiac)
Barack Obama (August 4, 1961; 7:24 PM AHST; Honolulu, Hawaii; Tropical Zodiac)