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Pope John Paul II Celebrates His 25th Anniversary

By Judy Collins, Education Director

It was a joyous day in October of 1978 when Karol Wojtyla, later to be called Pope John Paul II, was elected to lead the Catholic Church into the new century. The first Pole and the first non-Italian Pope in 456 years, Pope John Paul II is now 83 years old.

It is always best to start with the most accurately timed chart. In this case, the chart to be most relied on is the one generated when white smoke from inside the Vatican announced the election of the Pope. We also know the time of the Vatican City’s Independence chart (Given to Pope Pius XI by Mussolini on 6/7/1929 at 11:00 AM). The chart I use for the Pope is the most commonly used birth time. The best way to delineate the current status of the Pope’s reign is to form an opinion one chart at a time.

The solar arcs for Vatican City are set for the anniversary. This showed that Pluto had just made a square to Saturn; ruler of the 5th house (8th from the 10th), which indicates a change in the status of the office. The Pope is represented by Venus, ruler of the 10th. The solar arc nodes are square to the natal Venus, making this a year of possible death of the Pope. Everyone feels the death of the Pope is near, with his health being so fragile, but do all the charts support this?

The other solar arcs for the year are: SA Sun trine natal Saturn, SA Jupiter trine natal Uranus, SA Neptune inconjunct natal Uranus, and SA Pluto trine natal Jupiter (this follows the recent SA Pluto square to natal Saturn).

I will briefly discuss each aspect. The trine from SA Sun to Saturn is triggered by transiting Uranus opposing SA Sun. Uranus transiting the late degrees of Aquarius squares natal 10th and 4th houses, marking a change for the Vatican.

SA Jupiter trines natal Uranus. Recently, the Pope appointed 31 new Cardinals, who share his philosophy, ensuring the continuation of the direction he has set for the Church.

SA Neptune inconjunct Uranus. This aspect worries me. There is NO provision for replacing the Pope in the case of coma only for death. A law (Neptune, ruler of the 7th house - legal matters) may have to be issued if the Pope should fall into a coma or suffer a stroke. This aspect also could be about the legal matters recently brought against the church. Inconjuncts are adjustments to be made and illness or death. I had hoped the Pope would choose to resign, but recent news says he will not. The transiting nodes just transited the natal nodes, which are natally at a critical degree. The upcoming eclipse at 16 Taurus squares natal Mars and conjuncts natal Chiron. The 1 Sagittarius eclipse is conjunct the 4th house cusp. Both eclipses show change and endings.

SA Pluto trines natal Jupiter: Both of these rule the 4th house, putting the emphasis on the end of life. The 4th house also rules funerals. Notice that transiting Uranus is opposing the 4th cusp and natal Jupiter.

The chart for the election of the Pope, which is an absolutely accurate chart, shows more evidence of a change in the papacy. We can start with the upcoming eclipse at 16 Taurus, which falls on the ascendant. This eclipse also opposes natal Uranus, with the transiting nodes crossing the ascendant. This will trigger a change in the office.

The solar arcs are: SA Sun conjunct Mars, SA Mars inconjunct ascendant, SA Chiron inconjunct Mercury, SA Ascendant squares Saturn.

In this chart, the Pope is Saturn, ruler of the 10th house. Taking one aspect at a time: SA Sun, ruler of the 5th (death of the 10th), conjunct Mars, ruler of the legal 7th, shows again that some laws may have to be enacted if this Pope becomes incapacitated. If not this, then I would look for the Pope to make more firm statements against child abuse by priests.

The natal Sun in the 6th is weak, but now conjunct natal Mars in the 7th, highlights things from the past hidden (intercepted Aries in the 12th), being brought to light. SA Mars is inconjunct the ascendant, showing adjustments, illness or death, with the eclipse at 16 Taurus setting off events within the next few months. Chiron by solar arc has hit the election chart’s ruler of the 2nd and 6th by inconjunct. His poor health and peace of mind have to be affecting the Pope. I looked at some of the pictures in my file on the Pope and wonder how his mind is struggling with the vibrant man he was only a few years ago. He doesn’t even have the strength to finish most of his speeches. He truly is a figurehead only. Lastly, the SA Ascendant is square Saturn. Frustration may lead to the Pope resigning after all.

This chart for the Pope is the widely used one. I don’t believe it is accurate and I wonder just how far off it is. The assassination attempts (5/13/1981 at 5:17 PM Vatican City and 5/12/1982 at Fatima, Portugal at 11:30 PM...yes...PM an attempt with a knife or bayonet by a man dressed as a priest) should be good to rectify his time of birth and his election to Pope. It must be noted that normally no one would have lived through those attempts on his life or his ill health. Modern medicine has extended the lives of mankind and this Pope’s life for sure.

The Solar Arcs for his chart are: SA Moon sextile Mars, SA Mercury conjunct Neptune and trine Chiron, SA Venus inconjunct Uranus, SA North Node inconjunct Pluto and opposes MidHeaven, SA South Node inconjunct Uranus and conjunct MidHeaven.

The SA Moon sextile Mars shows his plans for more travel. The SA Mercury conjunct Neptune and trine Chiron shows his failing speech and mind. The ruler of his chart, Venus by SA, is inconjunct Uranus which rules his 4th in this chart, showing a major change in his life. This could be anything from an adjustment to a move, ill health and death. The 4th house is the end of life, and with transiting Uranus in this house squaring his natal Sun, shows death to me. The SA North Node inconjunct Pluto and opposes his MidHeaven and the SA South Node inconjunct his Uranus and conjunct his MidHeaven, showing the end of his career and life. Watch the transits and the eclipse on his South Node for tracking his future.

On a very personal note, I think often of this Pope. I guess it is because in August of 1980, we were visiting Italy and at the Vatican on a day the Pope was greeting visitors in the square. He rode in an open jeep with no protection. I was on the front, row, close enough to almost touch him. I tell you with all the truth I can that I felt his strong aura and saw the twinkle in his eyes. I feel truly honored to have seen him. His passing will bring sadness to this non-Catholic.

Pope John Paul II – 5/18/1920 at 5:30 PM EET
Wadowice, Poland

Elected as Pope – 10/16/1978 at 6:18 PM CET
Vatican City, Italy

Vatican City – 6/7/1929 at 11:00 AM CET
Rome, Italy

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