From the November 1999 Arizona Astrologer

Favorite Ideas to Remember When Doing Astrology

By Judy Collins

The chart is only as good as the correctness of the data that makes it.

All charts are perfect; the soul knew what it wanted.

Every chart can be read on at least three levels – psychological, spiritual, and mundane.

It is the reader’s responsibility to inform the client of astrological trends, not to decide what the client should do.

Those events needed for soul growth and change will happen.

The purpose of this life is for the soul to grow through whatever events need to occur.

Until we learn a life lesson, we will repeat similar experiences.

There is a higher force that knows what has to happen and when.

The simple method is always the best – KISS.

Good understanding of the basics is the important thing.

The best astrologer knows when to listen and not give answers.

There are no accidents, and the soul knows what steps to take to get results.

Every reading has a message for the astrologer’s growth.

Stop and think about whether what you are about to say is helpful.

Trust that you have done your best when you have.

You will learn more from the reading than the person you are reading for.

The harder a chart seems, the more the soul wants to experience in this life.

Just when you think you have a chart figured out, the Universe will surprise you.

Never stop learning new things in astrology, and always keep an open mind.

Use what works; discard what doesn’t.

Never lose your sense of humor when doing charts.

Remember, good aspects and bad aspects are in the eye of the reader. Both can bring change.

I hope you will find these ideas helpful. Enjoy astrology, grow in your knowledge, and always do well for others.