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Judy was ASA’s Education Director for several years and has practiced astrology for 35+ years with a high degree of accuracy. She predicted the 9/11 attacks and accurately called both the 2000 and 2004 elections. You can find many articles by Judy in the ASA article archive.

The hardest part of predicting any future event is to remain neutral and leave personal feelings aside. It must be said that every astrologer has an opinion, whether informed on the event or not, and certainly prejudices. The best charts to use are the ones that are guaranteed to be necessary for the event and data that is accurate.

When predicting an election, I use these charts (click the link to see the chart):

Of course you can use candidates’ Solar Arcs for Election Day with transits for Inauguration Day too…I always question any type of progressions used to predict winners when the birth time is REALLY not confirmed. Solar Arcs don’t lie… it has to be there within ONE degree… and the biggest requirement is APPLYING… EVERYTHING MUST BE APPLYING!

Do not use the Ascendant or Midheaven without a confirmed time of birth. You will need to make a personal decision as to whether you want to treat sextiles and trines as always good or beneficial, and squares and oppositions as always bad or difficult. Inconjuncts, in my opinion, are always stressful. The Vice Presidential candidates’ charts can add a bonus to your predictions, if you have confirmed birth times.

The factors that are important on the event chart are:

  • Configurations (T Square, Grand Cross, Grand Trine, Yod) – on the Event Chart.

  • Eclipses in effect now – Mark in house.

  • List applying aspects with less than ONE-degree orb.

  • Highlight critical degrees on planets or angles.

  • Check to see if angles or planets are in the degree of nodes.

  • Highlight degree of candidates’ nodes on event charts. . Make a list of the factors on each chart. Then weigh info for the winner.

I strongly suggest that you mark the charts, make your lists and then make your decisions based on the facts. If you were to look at only a few charts, then let them be the Winter Ingress, Election Day, Candidates’ charts SA for Inauguration, and the Inauguration chart. There are incidents that could change the outcome up to the Inauguration Day swearing-in chart. Don’t be surprised if this happens.

Use the “Mundane Astrology” list (see below) for the meanings of the houses. Remember that the ruler of the 10th is always the President and that the Moon represents the public, voters and citizens of the US. Both the 5th and 8th houses are our main financial houses, and Venus is both our money and values. The Congress is the 7th house, but the 11th house is not only the VP, it is the legislation Congress passes or not. One more thing that is often missed: the 1st house is the party in power and the 4th house is the party out of power. This can be a great way to predict a change in party’s control of White House.

I personally believe that John McCain’s chart has the wrong birth time. I will try to rectify the time when and if he is elected. This is the first election I can remember since I started doing astrology (1972) that we are completely unsure of a candidate’s birth time. If we can believe that the published time for Barak Obama is correct, then his is the best one to use for the winner to be determined. The Election Day chart and the Inauguration are also at the top of my list. The Inauguration swearing-in is always VP first, then President. The times fluctuate, usually by 5 minutes. Those times depend on how on schedule the ceremony is proceeding. I have always thought it has been done behind closed doors before the official ceremony...something to think about. I also prefer the Sagittarius rising United States chart for many reasons. The Winter Ingress will cover the Inauguration, but more importantly the time prior and for the next year.

Editor’s Note: Critical degrees are 0º, 13º, and 26º of cardinal signs; 9º and 21º of fixed signs; and 4º and 17º of mutable signs. 29º of any sign is critical, and 15º of any fixed sign is called the Lords of Karma – a very fated placement. If a planet is at the same degree as the nodes, that planet is prominent and maybe even “fated” in your life.

WINTER INGRESS – It’s not hard to see what is difficult on this chart. First, the Ingress Sun is conjunct Pluto at a critical degree, and Pluto is ruler of the 8th and 11th houses. Venus at 15º fixed is at the Lords of Karma and very afflicted (Ruler of 10th and 5th). Not only is the President in danger, but also our country’s credit standing. Jupiter, which rules the 11th and 12th, is also critical. We also need to beware of terrorists and Congress. This chart is in effect for ONE year. This includes the new administration and Congress.

ELECTION DAY – The chart has ONE major configuration: a T-square with Saturn opposition Uranus squaring a separating Venus. This is about our concern over finances, our military deployment and dissatisfaction with Congress. Check the houses on the Mundane Astrology list. Venus and Uranus, the current President and Congress, being squared by Saturn and ruling the 3rd house (news media) are hard to miss. The Saturn-Uranus opposition is the only opposition in the chart. Oppositions demand cooperation, but with opposing views. Pluto, ruler of 4th, party out of power, is sextile Mercury, which shows a Democratic win. Mercury and Pluto are both critical at 29º. There is no promise for any Republican win in this chart. The Sun has no 1º applying aspect. The Moon sextile to Mars, co-ruler of 4th, gives the Democrats the advantage. I believe the Mars square Neptune is all about the energy crisis. It also can mean our 8th house financial affairs are very unstable and we all need to be concerned with our credit.


McCAIN - With this chart, you can’t rely on the placement of the Ascendant, Midheaven or the Planets, only the Solar Arc aspects to natal planets. McCain’s Solar Arcs are Saturn trine Mercury, Neptune trine Pluto, and Pluto inconjunct Uranus. To me, this is not strong enough for him to be elected. I actually think he will be content to go back to the Senate and complete his obligation there. Note the critical degrees on natal Uranus (maverick) and SAVenus. Transiting Pluto at 1º Capricorn is conjunct his SAAscendant and his natal North Node. Transiting NN is at 11º Aquarius. I really don’t think he has the desire to fight in a new manner. Considering the charts, it may be a blessing. No one can question his loyalty or his sense of duty to country. Nobody loves Sarah Palin more than I, but a stronger VP choice might have been a better choice. Her freshness has been fun to watch. I really believe she could do it, but the public doesn’t see it.

OBAMA - He only has two Solar Arcs for the year, which really is not strong enough for a change in his life like becoming President. Solar Arc Mars conjunct Neptune really shows his idealism and hope for a real “CHANGE.” His ideals are for the country to succeed in fulfilling its potential to be a better country. The other Solar Arc is Neptune trine Uranus. With Uranus ruling his Ascendant, he really believes he can pull this off. Note that Jupiter in his natal 12th house is conjunct the Sun and Mercury in the Inauguration chart. Jupiter will also protect him from harm through his life. His Solar Arc Nodes at a critical degree would be indicative of a major personal change.

INAUGURATION – Using a NOON chart – I think the Nodes in the Inauguration chart at the degree of the August 1 solar eclipse at 9º Leo is probably the main factor in this chart. It shows belief in a new form of leadership, but still showing work to be done in the real estate market. If the swearing in of the President occurs at Noon, then the chart creates 4 critical houses; 10th and 4th, 11th and 5th. These will be the areas of difficulty in the administration. The Moon, representing the Public, is 29º Scorpio – all the suspicions and doubts are still in the back of our minds. Unusual and creative housing solutions will need to be developed. Many people feel at the end of their rope with losses of homes, their values and their life savings.

The message needs to be full of opportunity (sextile) and possibilities. Venus at a critical degree sextile Mars will require the reform of Wall Street, our banking system, and generally how we use our credit. It will also influence our military.

The news media really controls how we make our decisions. Few people take the time to even read a newspaper. My opinion is that Barak Obama stands to be our next President unless some terrorist attack or a very unsettling development happens. Then it’s all bets off; anything can happen. I have always believed we get the outcome we deserve and need. Life is to be a learning time and we are lucky to be living in the United States. Watch the rest of the debates, inform yourself, and don’t forget to vote.


FIRST HOUSE – Public (health, voters, and taxpayers) Defendant in trial, Political party in power, Beginning of any enterprise involving public acceptance, Decision of referee, Membership

SECOND HOUSE – National wealth (currency, banks, liquid assets, bonds and financial transactions, where securities and money are transacted, personal property of the people) Galleries, Museums, Decision of legislators that cost public, Public ownership of moveable goods.

THIRD HOUSE – News & Information (telephones, computers, mail, printing, newspapers, magazines, radio), Transportation (highways, railroads, airplanes, buses, automobiles), Weather (losses by accidents or storms), Neighborhoods and neighboring counties, Board of Education, Court reporter, Bailiff, Witnesses, Schools, Countries bordering a country, Opinions of a country’s people.

FOURTH HOUSE – Land, Homes, Weather and disasters (sea, earthquakes, floods, landslides, forest fires), Real estate, Offices, Farm land, Ghettos, Hotels, Apartments, Agriculture and crops, Mining, Board of Directors, Place of action in contests, Jury, Holocaust of war, Political party out of power, Meeting places of groups, Organizations.

FIFTH HOUSE – Speculations, Children, Ambassadors, Sports, Theaters. Threat of death to country’s leader, Lotteries and gambling, Conventions, Gains from mining, Entertainment, Movies, Amusement parks, Birth rate, Stock Market.

SIXTH HOUSE – Civil servants, Police & Military-all branches, Medical employees, Red Cross, Unrest, Panic, Epidemics, Food, Well being of the 1st house, Employees, Deliberation of jury, Transcript of court, Illnesses of the people, Stored grain, Coal, Cafeterias, Drug stores

SEVENTH HOUSE –Marriage and divorce, Law and legal system, Congress, Senate, War or peace, Treaties, Truces, Verdict of jury, Crime, Open enemies, Alien infiltration, Fugitives, Court marital, Visitors from foreign countries, Foreign attitude, National disputes.

EIGHTH HOUSE – Also Stock market, Interest rates, Pensions and benefits, Taxes, Treasurer, Foreign stocks and bonds, Coroner, Surgeon, Funeral parlor, Death – rate and kind, Debts from foreign countries, Board of group insurance, Cabinet of President, Mayor, Governor appointees.

NINTH HOUSE –Air travel, Space explorations, Religion, Academic, Publishing, Foreigners, Foreign imports and exports, Internet, Shipping, Long Distance Travel, Emissaries, Secretary of State & Labor, Supreme Courts, Advertising, Public Opinion, Teachers, Lecturers.

TENTH HOUSE – Government, Honor, President, Status of nation, Ideals, Governor, Mayor, Influence in world affairs, Administration, Ruler of 10th is the President, Head of country or company, Credit rating.

ELEVENTH HOUSE – Treasury, Vice-President, Legislation and politics, Rebels, Mints, Unbonded relationships, Memberships in clubs and organizations, Parliament, House of Commons, Our ambassadors

TWELFTH HOUSE – Secret enemies, CIA, Secret Service, Large animals, Charitable institutions, Welfare, Medicare, Hospitals, Convents, Parole systems, Prisons, Crime and criminals, Detectives.

© Judy Collins 1/2001