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ASAís True Chart

Judy Collins, Education Director

The Arizona Society of Astrologers, Incorporated has one chart - the state-recognized incorporation chart. Yes, there was a pre-organizational get-together on August 3, 1973, and the meeting which has been used as the basis for ASAís chart on September 7, 1973 at 8:20 PM. This meeting was held to set up committees with chairmen. BUT, when the association decided to incorporate for whatever reason, that incorporation chart became the official chart of ASA: September 20, 1974 at 4:30 PM, when the papers were recorded. A corporation chart takes the place of a meetingís chart. Even though the corporation needed to be reinstated on May 22, 1986, the original corporation is still in effect. Another interesting date is when the first newsletter was published - July 15, 1975.

Any natal chart has many complicated issues, as we all know. When the association became incorporated, that should have been recognized. There will be members who will wish to keep the first meeting of ASA chart of September 7, 1973 and others who will agree with me. It really does matter which one the association uses. As astrologers, we understand that there are certain rules of electional astrology that should be used; and if the founders had been watchful of these rules, the corporation chart would not have been set up at that time. I spoke at ASA during my last two Education segments on both the charts, and this article is a shortened version for our newsletter.

The corporation chart has 16 degrees of Aquarius rising, with the ruler Uranus at a critical degree (26 Libra)...and there is only one applying aspect - Mercury conjunct Uranus. There should be more applying aspects to any ruler of a chart, and certainly the ruler should not be at a critical degree. Both of these factors limit the effectiveness of our association. This chart has two mutual receptions. One is Mercury and Venus, and the other is Jupiter and Neptune. All in all, this should be beneficial. However, these planets are involved in an unstable mutable T-square. Jupiter, part of the T-square, is the ruler of the 10th house. The ruler of the 10th house represents the President of any corporation, club, etc. and because of the T-square can cause frustration.

In addition to these factors, there are NO fixed planets in the chart. Fixed planets are needed to give a strong foundation and the ability to stand up through time. The fixed ascendant does help. Yes, we have lasted almost 30 years, but this association has experienced some difficult times and failed to maintain a steady growth. After 14+ years, by progression, the ascendant moved into Pisces. Neptune rules this progressed ascendant and is conjunct the midheaven. The associationís direction can lack the conviction of leadership. Jupiter co-rules this progressed ascendant, bringing the T-square into power, again adding frustration. The whole membership, board of directors, and appointees need to have a more defined sense of the direction for this association.

The Future of ASA

This year is a busy one, with four active solar arc progressions. You can count last year, this year and next year when you use a 1 degree applying aspect orb. Sometimes the "action" takes place in any one of those years.

On October 10, 2003, Solar Arc Sun will exactly conjunct natal Uranus. This puts the Sun at a critical degree. When your planets progress to critical degrees, you will be tested. This aspect could be one of the most promising things this association could have this year. It is time for the board and membership to determine a direction for the ASA. The board, with the approval of the membership, will be making changes in the bylaws and bringing ASA into the 21st century. It is time for a hard look at our finances.

Solar Arc Saturn opposes the natal Ascendant. This aspect has been in effect for the last 6 months and will last at least another 6 months after it becomes exact on July 13, 2004. This year, the entire membership will be tested on their devotion to the organization and willingness to make it better. Just like in a natal chart, Saturn opposing the Ascendant will make a person focus on their responsibilities in a partnership. Saturn brings rewards along with the need to bring new members into the group. In addition, we will be having our Saturn return on July 13, 2004. Most of us realize how frustrating and difficult this can be. I believe that during this time, we truly get what we deserve. For the ASA, it could bring a renewed focus and desire to see our association grow with new members.

Solar Arc Neptune squares natal Pluto, exact on May 5, 2004. Neptune is co-ruler of this progressed chart, and Pluto rules the 9th house. This will bring changes in our webpage, lecturers, and published articles. Pluto is natally in our 8th, showing that financial adjustments will be needed.

Solar Arc Ascendant opposes natal Venus, exact November 10, 2003. Venus rules the 3rd and the 8th; it is in the 8th and involved with the T-square. It is also in mutual reception with Mercury. This brings a lot of houses into the mix. Membership, constitutional changes, finances, and status of the association all will come into play. Change is good for ASA, with Aquarius rising in our natal chart. There are two kinds of Aquarians: Saturnian and Uranian. We need to become more Uranian by reaching out to the community and other groups.

Looking at when planets change direction in the progressed chart shows major changing years in an individualís or organizationís life. In 2014, Saturn turns retrograde. In 1995, Jupiter turned direct. In 1986, Mars turned retrograde. This is when the association actually changed in many ways. It is easy to let the same people do everything. We all need a more proactive association with more members participating.

Transiting Neptune is coming up to the Ascendant, just as Uranus is moving to conjunct our Jupiter. On the negative side, we may lose all focus, or at the least seem to do nothing but move in a fog. However, this can also be a positive transit since we have a progressed Pisces Ascendant. We could be more open to Neptunian influences, and add a more metaphysical approach to our astrology.

When Uranus hits our Jupiter in Pisces in 2005, we will find our focus and a definite direction. Meanwhile, we need to make the most of this upcoming transit by defining where we want to go and making a plan. This way, we can ensure that our Saturn return will bring rewards. If the entire membership works together, ASA will grow and prosper.

ASA Incorporation chart and Solar Arc Progression.  Click to enlarge.





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