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July 2004 Education

Coalition Transfers Sovereignty to Iraq  - By Judy Collins, ASA Education Director

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The Coalition Forces transferred political sovereignty to Iraq on June 28, 2004 at 10:26 AM in Baghdad. The resulting chart falls under the rules of mundane astrology. A synopsis of those rules is posted online under Education.

In Judy’s view, Iraq no longer has a chart because the previous chart was based on the ascension to power of the Baath Party in 1958. Now that the party has been disbanded, the June 28 chart can be considered the operative chart until a Constitution is adopted.

This chart has two powerful and difficult configurations: a yod and a t-square. The yod is formed by a sextile between Jupiter and Saturn, with Neptune forming an inconjunct to both. Two inconjuncts always mean that major adjustments need to be made. Writing the Constitution will not be an easy process. The point exactly opposite the focal point of the yod is 15º Leo. Mars and Mercury are sitting there now, which is why the violence has increased so much in the past few days. Any time one of the points in the yod is hit by a transit, it will set off the entire yod.

Mercury is closely conjunct Saturn, enough to be part of the yod though not active in it.

Pay attention on August 14, when Mars crosses the Ascendant of this chart. Also, on August 30, Mars will hit Jupiter.

Now that Iraq has been turned over to the Governing Council, Donald Rumsfeld is no longer the U.S. official in chart of Iraqi affairs; Colin Powell is. We should see significant changes in our relationship to Iraq.

On November 25, Mars will cross the Moon-South Node conjunction. The nodes are at critical degrees (9º Scorpio-Taurus). The Moon always has to do with the general public, and it is disposited by Mercury, which rules the first house of public opinion. Since Mercury is conjunct Saturn in Cancer, the people will be mostly concerned with the necessities of life.

The t-square involves Jupiter opposite Uranus, both opposing Venus. Venus squared Jupiter is always about resources and values. Jupiter opposite Uranus is about religious freedom. The new Prime Minister, Ayad Allawi, is represented by Venus, the ruler of the 10th. Venus is at 9º Gemini, conjunct the fixed star Aldebaran. Keywords for this star are "success with integrity." Will he be able to act with integrity, authority and fairness? The sign on the 10th is 29º of Taurus, conjunct the fixed star Alcyone, having to do with both blindness and with the dead and their judgment. He has to deal justly with the officials of the previous regimes who were responsible for mass graves, particularly Saddam Hussein, and he must avoid assassination himself.

The opposition point of the t-square falls at 9º Sagittarius, in this chart’s 4th house. This December and January, Mars and Venus will be at that point. If you look only at conjunctions in a mundane chart you will see lots of activity. Mars comes out of the 11th house, which represents the insurgents, as it is the hidden side of the 12th. Mars rules the 9th house, which is the U.S. There will be violence on both sides, from the insurgents and from our forces.

Neptune, at the point of the yod, is at 14º 57’ Aquarius, close enough to be at the 15th degree. 15º of any fixed sign is called the Lords of Karma. Neptune rules the 7th, which is probably the Governing Council. Four of its members have already been assassinated.

In event charts, the closest applying aspect shows the immediate action coming up next. In this case, it is Venus inconjunct the south node. Right after the transfer took place, the beheadings began.


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