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40 Days ... Friends & Lovers Revealed …Opportunities flourish

By Brenda Black

ASA Programs Director (2002)

Venus, the planet of love, will move into retrograde motion on March 9, 2001. This means that Venus, in her orbit of the sun, is slowing down, and from the viewpoint of the Earth, it looks like she is going backwards. She will turn direct, and speed up on April 20, 2001. During this 40-day period we take a cold hard look at our relationships. We voluntarily retreat so we can take an inventory of our own needs in love. We may notice traits of our friends and lovers that are normally hidden from view. This is a time when old friends and lovers may return to revisit the relationship and explore a second chance. When Venus turns direct on April 20, 2001, we can take the person from the past back in to our lives or we can send them away. One should not marry during the Venus Retrograde. There is the possibility that in the future one or both partners may fall out of love.

Here is how this Venus Retrograde period will affect each sign:

Aries - You will make whatever compromises are necessary. You may act as a go-between to help others smooth over their differences.

Taurus - You may be called upon to take care of a loved on who needs help. It may be a time of self-denial in love relationships, but do not fall into the trap of being the martyr.

Gemini - You may return to a group of people that you enjoyed in the past. A friend from the past could reappear, or you may feel the impulse to call an old friend.

Cancer - You may fall in love with someone older. Try not to commit until April 20th. If you work in the field of arts and design, you may have a second chance at a business opportunity.

Leo - You may be attracted to friends and lovers from other cultures. This would be a time to take a journey and revisit a place out of town that you enjoyed previously.

Virgo - You will be more in the mood for lovemaking. If you got turned down for a loan in the past, use this “2”'-chance” period to re-apply.

Libra - If you are single, a new love may appear. Just bide your time during this 40-day period and try not to take the relationship forward until April 20.

Scorpio - Relationships with co-workers are in the spotlight. There is a second chance to resolve any difficulties on the job.

Sagittarius - Enjoy exactly your self in relationships. A lover from the may return. Pick up a hobby you enjoyed in the past.

Capricorn - During this 40-day period, enjoy quiet hours in the home. You may be interested in redecorating the home.

Aquarius - Let life know how much Take a short trip to enjoyed in the past.

Pisces - Try not to invest money that you need for every day living during Venus Retrograde. You may recover money and other lost items.