Did you know?

“Forging the Diamond Soul-The Saturn Cycles

By Brenda Black

ASA Programs Director (2002)

There is a website with several articles written by prominent astrologers. The website is Inner Self. There is one article in particular to share with you called “Forging The Diamond Soul: Cycles” by Anne Whitaker.

Three Saturn Cycles

In summary: There are three major cycles of Saturn. The first cycle, from birth to ages 29-30 is the “thesis” stage where we are physical and energetic. The second cycle, from ages 29-30 to 58-59 is the antithesis stage where we are tested and challenged to grow. The third cycle, culminating at ages 87-88, is the synthesis stage where there is a shifting of emphasis from worldly achievement to reflection and spiritual maturing.

Natal Saturn in Fire Sign

For those with natal Saturn in a fire sign the challenge of each Saturn return is to find faith in life and establish a sense of self-worth.

Natal Saturn in Water Sign

If you have Saturn in a water sign your major task at each Saturn return is to come to terms with the fact that we are all separate and alone, no matter how much we love other people.

Natal Saturn in Air Sign

Those with Saturn in an air sign face each Saturn return with the need to develop mental discipline and contribute worthwhile ideas to the collective.

Natal Saturn in Earth Sign

At each Saturn return the Saturn-in-earth person must form a sound relationship with the world of everyday reality, and pay the physical and material dimensions of life their due, in order to feel at peace within.

Mature Realism

When Saturn’s challenges have been patiently and honestly worked with, we arrive at a mature realism. There is a sense of freedom of spirit what Buddhists mean when they talk about the diamond soul. ~