At the intersection of the Moon’s orbit and the Earth’s orbit you find the Nodes of the Moon. They are not planets, but points in the astrology chart that indicate your Dharma (what you can do in this lifetime to be happy and peaceful) and Karma (what you must do to atone for actions and words done in the past). The North Node also indicates what you are working toward for soul growth in this lifetime and the South Node indicates traits and talents you had in past lives that you carry with you into this lifetime. The North Node is more positive and similar to Jupiter. The South Node is more negative and similar to Saturn. The North Node is also called the Dragon’s Head, which indicates your Dharma and the South Node is also called the Dragon’s Tail, which indicates your Karma. We all have a “Nodal Return” every 18 years, when we reach a milestone of maturity in our lives. At that time there will be activation of our Dharma – New Doors open and we make a step in our evolutionary growth.

The direction of the Nodes is counter clockwise. The Nodes are always 180 degrees apart. The sign and ruling planet of the North Node shows the psychological shift one needs to make in this lifetime to achieve evolutionary growth.

The House containing the North Node shows the experiences one needs to access this new awareness.


Aries – In past lives you were very dependent on your marriage partner and expected that person to run your life and make decisions for you. In this life you are encouraged to stand on your own two feet and to make decisions for yourself. There are periods of time in your life when you need to go into isolation to regain yourself. Reading books is therapeutic for you.

Taurus – In past lives you used manipulation and seduction to get what you wanted. You misused sex and money and had the rug pulled out from under you many times. In this lifetime you need to focus on saving and investing your money, trusting and live a life of inner peace. Get in touch with Mother Earth – Gardening is therapeutic.

Gemini – In past lives you were jack-of-all-trades and scattered your energies. You followed the crowd and believed in a philosophy just because other people told you that you had to. You had bachelor-like tendencies and were afraid to commit. In this life you are here to pick just a few trades to master and become very sophisticated at them. You are also here to decide for yourself what to believe in and to be a master at communication.

Cancer – In past lives you were focused on career and social status. You had an insatiable need to manage everything around you. In this lifetime you are here to place more importance on family values. You are here to focus on your feminine side and know when to let others take control.

Leo – In past lives you sacrificed your life to help humanity and did many things to help people. In this life you are here to place yourself first and promote yourself. Connect with children. They have a lot to teach you. Also, be more goal-oriented. Many with this placement have a life of “rags to riches.”

Virgo – In past lives you relied on instinct and intuition, and many people used you as a doormat. You were an escapist and delved into fantasy. In this life you are here to use logic to guide your life. Create routines, make lists, and perfect personal hygiene. Also, learn the art of saying “NO.”

Libra – In past lives you were a warrior and lived for yourself. You jumped into situations without thinking. You had a me-first attitude and drained other people of their energy. In this lifetime you need to learn to explore the consequences of your actions before taking them. Think of others first. Focus more on partnership and learn how to be a good companion.

Scorpio – In past lives you were stubborn and did not share your money and possessions. The more physical things you accumulated, the more trapped you were. In this lifetime try not to be so materialistic. Learn the art of letting go. Include other people in your plans and try to be more physical and express your sexuality.

Sagittarius – In past lives you were frivolous, flirtatious, flippant and gossipy. You constantly changed your mind about things. In this life attend universities and philosophical organizations in a quest for higher knowledge. Traveling is advised and always work at perfecting your writing and communication skills. You will be famous if you publish a book.

Capricorn – In past lives you were dependent on your family and in need of parental guidance all your life. You got what you wanted by emotional manipulation. You over- indulged in food when you got upset. In this lifetime you need to move out of the family home. Create a career for yourself and put your energy into working. Endings are difficult for you. Learn how to detach.

Aquarius – In past lives you were royalty. You were bossy and spent money like it grew on trees. You used acquaintances, friends and family to step up the social ladder. In this lifetime you need to be less self-centered and be more globally aware. You should find a sense of humility and find a humanitarian cause to believe in and work for.

Pisces – This is the hardest nodal position to deal with. In past lives you were fussy, a hypochondriac, a perfectionist and may have had sexual problems. In this lifetime pursue physical pleasure in a spiritual, metaphysical way. Instead of being black-and-white, go for shades of gray in your thinking. Listen more to your inner self and let your intuition guide you toward your goals.


By knowing how the other person’s planets connect with your South Node you will understand how you knew them in past lives. The connections are by sign only, not degree.

Sun conjunct South Node - The person was in authority over you.

Moon conjunct the South Node – The person was your child.

Mercury conjunct the South Node – The person was a brother or sister.

Venus conjunct the South Node – The person was a your lover in a past life.

Mars conjunct the South Node – The person was a soldier you knew in a past life.

Jupiter conjunct the South Node – The person was your benefactor.

Saturn conjunct the South Node – The person was your teacher.

Uranus conjunct the South Node – The person was a revolutionary who influenced you.

Neptune conjunct the South Node – The person was a prophet or spiritual leader who influenced you.

Pluto conjunct the South Node – The person was in control of a group in which you were a member.

Many thanks to Maritha Pottenger, Jan Spiller, Martin Schulman, Donna Van Toen, Dr. Louis Turi and Virginia Dayan (My original teacher)

© Eclipse Astrology 10/28/06